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Jan 21, 2013 12:41 PM

Suggestions for Port St Lucie and nearby

A bunch of us are going to Spring Training in Port St Lucie.
Would love recommendations for the following:

Informal Fresh Seafood


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  1. I don't have any personal knowledge, but down thread I got some pretty good suggestions for Ft Pierce.
    Its nearby so should be helpful.

    1. Barbecue: Dale's in Ft. Pierce on Okeechobee Rd. is one of the best BBQ ever . Sonny's is very good but Dale's baked beans are excellent.

      Tin Fish:, they receive daily shipments of fresh fish. HUGE fish tacos (just ONE is a meal!), GREAT fish and chips (breading is flavorful and not thick) and I liked their bang bang shrimp and their clams casino dip. I've heard from a fellow IGer their grilled fish tacos are also excellent. The crab cake was all breading and was the worst I've ever eaten.

      Duffy's: Firecracker Shrimp use large shrimp and are perfectly cooked. Fish taco: small but very good along with the price 3/$7 but dont order the lobster taco. Caribbean Jerk chicken: is excellent. Lobster bisque delicious. Guacamole: served in a very small bowl and way over priced for $10. Reuben is very good. Top Sirloin: tastless and over cooked.

      Chef Angie

      1. fort pierce and port st lousy are very weak foodie areas, all chains and not well run either, stick with dales for ribs on us1 around okeechobee blvd

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          I pretty much agree from my experience. You have to stray further south into Jensen Beach & Stuart.