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Jan 21, 2013 11:45 AM

Happening Gourmand... quality issues

I remember a few years ago, when Happening Gourmand first started, everyone seemed excited to take advantage and I did, probably every year since. Last year I recall having mediocre meals (Vieux port steakhouse, Taverne Gaspar). Vowed not to repeat.

This year, at the request of a friend, we went to Bevo (a new addition to their lineup I believe), and felt equally, if not more disappointed than I was last year (under seasoned food, pathetically tiny portions, and just an overall "meh" feeling). We did pay extra for prosciutto and after splitting a wine bottle, the price tag was 100$/couple.

We have reservation for Aix on Friday, and I am contemplating cancelling. But I am not sure if two upscale restaurants (Verses and Aix) are perhaps more interesting. Anyone have any feedback on Aix, during Happening Gourmand? Thanks

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  1. I commented on my average-bad experience at Verses during HG in this thread

    I went to Aix in 2010 for HG and was happy with my meal.

    1. My experience has been similar. Many years ago I had a great meal at Narcisse during HG. In years since I was disappointed with Modavie, 701, and others that I don't recall. Last year we wandered in to Gaspar before igloofest, and the food was a decent value. This is maybe even a better idea now that you can get $5 off entry to the fest with a happening gourmande receipt.
      Really its been a remarkably successful marketing strategy by this restaurant group but not really a great deal for customers. Similar is the Chop event happening this month at Newtown, Decca, etc. TasteMTL was better than these in every respect... and somehow felt more honest.

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        I agree about it being a very successful marketing strategy but not so great at the end of the day for customers.
        You would think the point is to expose more customers to your regular menu, but this whole affair just seems to be the opposite.
        Last year, on the Vieux Port Steakhouse menu they had the "Manhattan" cut. They told us it was a smaller NY Cut (I assumed thinner). What we got was half a NY Strip. Literately cut down the middle.