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Jan 21, 2013 11:40 AM

Tough pork

I made pork vindaloo today and after simmering everything for 50 mins the pork is tough. I have had this experience before. I often read recipes that say "simmer for an hour or until pork / beef / lamb is tender." But, I find that the meat is done after 30 mins or less and letting things cook longer just makes them tough. I browned the pork pieces before simmering. Please advise. Thanks.

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  1. What cut of pork are you using?

      1. re: ganesh7676

        Well, then, right there is your problem.

        Try butt or shoulder cuts, that's what vindaloo is usually made with.

      2. So, what is it about loin that makes it inappropriate for a stew?

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          Fat (and connective tissue), or lack thereof.

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            Meat tissue is inherently lean and tough. Fat and connective tissue are not after they are cooked properly. That's why the most expensive meat have a a larger amount of fat marbled in them. The cuts mentioned by ipsedixit have more connective tissue and fat.

            1. re: ganesh7676

              So, what is it about loin that makes it inappropriate for a stew? Should really read "So, what is it about loin that makes it inappropriate for long cooking times?"

              You can make a stew with the loin, but the loin is pretty much a log of very lean meat. All the fat on the outer surface.

              Lean meats is best cooked quickly... so you can make a stew as long as you don't cook too long, as your experience has shown.

              If you want to stick with using the loin and want more flavor, I would suggest marinading the meat for a day before cooking.

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                Loin is too lean. I agree with DaveC. If you want to use Loin, then you really have two methods. One is to cook it very short. Sometime 10-20 minutes is all you will need. The otherroute is to cook it very long. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but if you cook it extremely long, then the meat starts to fall apart.