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Jan 21, 2013 11:39 AM

Winter to Spring in Asheville - 2013

Seems like there is always something new going on in Asheville so chime in if you have more info or have been to any of these:
MG Road - hearing LOTS of good things about this bar/small plate place by the owners of Chai Pani
TAP Asheville - closed. Unfortunately no great loss, too inconsistent.
Lots of cooking competitions going on in the "slow" months...Fire on the Rock in January. Restaurant Week in February.....

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  1. Haven't tried the food at MG Road, but the cocktails are quite tasty and affordable.

    1. A new artisan pizza place will open in the old TAP/Silver Dollar location. It's being opened by the folks from Farm and Sparrow Bakery.

      The Chop Shop is opening some sort of endeavor in the location that Blue Water Seafood vacated. It's a restaurant of some sort, I think. Meat involved, I'm sure.

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        It's a charcuterie and bourbon bar. Looking forward to that one opening. Hadn't heard about the pizza place. Love F&S breads...that sounds like a great idea for that space!

        1. re: miss piggy

          Thanks. I had heard what it was but couldn't remember other than it was the Chop Shop folks.

          There are more new places opening up soon that I've heard about and can't recall the specifics of them right now either. A couple of new places in what is now being called South Slope (area south of Hilliard Ave.) haven't been mentioned that I remember seeing here. One of them has a connection with The Admiral. Also there are a couple of places that will be opening in the River Arts District. One is a pizza place by the folks at White Duck Taco.

          1. re: Leepa

            Bull and Beggar by Wedge and Buxton Hill BBQ - I posted about these and a few other Asheville updates recently - lots going on - very exciting times! An upcoming Blind Pig dinner is going to be BBQ and oysters by Admiral Chef Moss - I'm definitely getting tickets for that one!

      2. Finally tried MG Road and I totally see what the fuss is about. Great small plates - we had a wonderful Tamarind Glazed Lamb Chop...This would be a great place to meet friends and share small plates.