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Jan 21, 2013 11:26 AM

Smokey Denmark Products

Just had a Pepperwurst sausage on a bun at Man Bites Dog and loved it! Asked where they sourced them and they told me Smokey Denmark in east Austin. Plan to drive down from Round Rock this week and pick up a couple of pounds and wondered it anyone has tried other Smokey Denmark products that they recommend?

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  1. After a great lunch at Joe's Bakery and Cafe on East 7th we stopped in today at the Smokey Denmark storefront/plant on East 5th and purchased a couple of packages of pepperwurst, a package of jalapeno cheese sausage, and a pound of summer sausage. The people were very friendly. Glad I found this locally owned gem!

    1. We use their beer brat at my place (shameless plug here)- Javelina on Rainey. They have really great products. Nice people too.

      1. Their beer brats are tasty, and their andouille is the best I've found in town... Austin is seriously lacking in the andouille department. :(

        Really friendly people and excellent product. I'm looking forward to trying more of their stuff!

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          I'll have to give their andouille a try. The best andouille I have had in town is from Stuffed. Nothing else local has come close yet.

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            stuffed does have some tasty sausage.

        2. I used to work right around the corner a few years ago and went over there to pick up a pound of each of most of their sausages, spent about $30 (all were under $3/lb) . Most of the varieties were frozen for what must have been a year because they were all dried out. I don't remember liking much of anything except a hot link of some sort. Kielbasa was just OK, and the andouille was far from traditional. I never went back except to get a 5lb tub of BBQ brisket (also frozen) for a lunch party at work. Turns out there was more textured vegetable protein and sauce than there was actual brisket. It still tasted OK for the price.

          I noticed they started selling large packages retail at HEB. I think it was just default smoked sausage. Saw them at the Oltorf HEB on Friday, IIRC. Didn't see them at any other HEB since then.