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Jan 21, 2013 11:18 AM

Need a good Jewish bakery in Brooklyn (like Leon's or Teena's)

Don't know if you've heard, but Teena's on Ralph Ave closed on January 2, 2013 due to health violations. So with Leon's and Teena's closed, I'm looking for a replacement bakery in Brooklyn (that's open on Saturday).

Suggestions other than Lord's?

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  1. A "for good" close or a corrective action close?

    Was there a sign on the door?

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    1. re: Mike R.

      The owners retired in January. No corrective action and no negative reason.
      The neighborhood changed and unfortunately for us, the need for a great Jewish bakery didn't fit with the current demographic.
      So sad. Leon's , Poppies, Krause ,and now Teenas .i miss them.

    2. Jewish bakery on a Saturday? That's a tough nut to crack.

      1. Try Leskes in Bay Ridge.
        They make a killer black & white cookie.
        This place is also opened on Saturdays.

        1. Open on Saturday. Your joking right?

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          1. re: driggs

            There's a sharp difference in style and "rules" for old-fashioned, so-called "Jewish" bakeries than for Shomer Shabbos Kosher bakeries.

            Teena's, Andre's Hungarian in Yorkville and on Queens Blvd. and many others long-gone (like N. E. Tell's on Church Avenue, the "old" Gertel's on Hester Street, etc.) may have been owned by Jews who mastered the Eastern European baking styles for rolls, danishes, rugelach and so on but were not Orthodox / totally observant. Or they left the operational aspects to their trusted baker/manager and opened up on Saturday nonetheless. Their products were full of butter.

            Shomer Shabbos, Orthodox and Hasidic-owned stores are no-go on Friday nights/Saturdays and the baking is Kosher neutral or "pareve" - no butter, milk, any dairy at all, even in the chocolate goods - various oils are subbed in.

            Classic cheese danishes, cream cheese dough rugelach...good luck finding them now!

            1. re: Mike R.

              Mike, you are 100% correct.
              I was trying to recommend a Norwegian type of bakery that may have the same type of bread, pasteries, etc. that a Teena's or Lords would have.
              I have many kosher bakeries in my area that are ok.
              Cake Center (Chiffons) on Avenue P isn't bad. They also carry some dairy products as well.

              Another kosher place that used to be quite good, was Ratner's on Delancy street.
              They used plenty of butter too!

              1. re: Howard_b2

                Ratner's - youbetcha, especially those onion rolls!

                Gonna take a miracle to revive the baking style we knew and loved.

                Where there were scores of Jewish (and Hungarian) bakeries in the five boroughs, now a handful. Andre's would be my "go-to" now (and especially since Royal Crown quit making their luscious Italian-accented cheese danishes with almond shavings on top).

          2. Just found out today about Teena's being closed I hadn't been there in a while.

            I decided to go to Lords which is still at Nostrand and Flatbush not as good but I do like their strawberry shortcakes and their rye is not bad.
            Still miss Leon's!!!!!!!!!!
            (Anyone who could recreate Leon's receipes could make a fortune opening another bakery in Brooklyn)