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Prhyme TULSA -- the most delicious steak money can buy

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Growing up on the East Coast, if you wanted the best steaks you went to a steakhouse. Crusty waiters, scary macho wood-paneled aging decor, sawdust on the floor. Moving to Tulsa, you went to a chain. Typically you were offered a choice between wet-aged steak and wet-aged steak, with maybe a boring fish entree thrown in to please non-carnivores. But now there's Prhyme. Just opened by Justin Thompson who brought you first-class dining at Juniper. It's bright, airy, and welcoming, and very elegant too. Waiters wear dark suits and ties. Prhyme offers four kinds of steak: grass-fed, USDA Prime wet-aged, USDA Prime 40-day dry-aged, and Wagyu Kobe-style. The dry-aged steak was the best I've had in my life. Lots of great appetizers, including $150 caviar, sides, and entrees such as scallops and duck breast. Amazing wine list ranging from cheap by-the-glass to $1500 first-growth Bordeaux. Good value for money but it's expensive. That dry-aged strip is $53. But you can get a USDA Prime wet-aged strip complete with veg and potatoes, for $24 if you sit at the bar.


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  1. The photos show Prhyme dining room and the dry-aged bone-in strip. For more photos, plus a description of each steak telling the difference between wet-aged and dry-aged, check out http://tulsafood.com/fine-dining/prhy...