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Jan 21, 2013 10:59 AM

Need opinions on this Bistros

Hello All !!

Going to Paris at the end of the month. Planning in visiting restaurant that I have never been before. Let me know your opinions on the following:

-Leo le Lion
-A la Biche au Bois
-Au Passage
-Les Papilles



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  1. Au Passag not the same without James.
    Septime still hot
    Rino - fun
    Les Papilles - ditto

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Thanks John,

      Rino and Les Papilles already reserved !

      Septime unable to get a res.

      What happen to Au Passage?

      Any other recommendations from your side? The less touristy or researched the best !

      Thanks and Regards,


      1. re: domenexx

        Right now I'm hot on Le 6 Paul Bert.

        1. re: John Talbott

          Point well taken, John.

          Any experience with Comtesse du Barry? I'm planning to bring some foie back home and found this one which look interesting. I'm planning to go to the one in the 6th.



          1. re: domenexx

            This is the McDonald of foie gras and totally over priced - just go to a local market (like marche de passy in the 16th) and buy from an authentic artisan supplier

            1. re: kerriar

              Good to know!

              Any place closer?

              I will take a look at this one.



              1. re: domenexx

                You could combine a meal at either Le Florimond or Leo le Lion with a stop for foie gras at Dubernet at the corner of rue Augereau and St. Dominique. The chef at Leo Lion does a good job with seafood, having worked for Jacques Divellec for a decade or so and it is mostly frequented by Locals.

        2. re: domenexx

          James Henry who was the chef that built the reputation (of Au Passage) left in June, headed back home to Australia for a break. He is now back in Paris with a new restaurant called "Bones" which opened a week or so ago (same backer as Au Passage) not seen mention of it here yet.

            1. re: PhilD

              Tout Paris has been but only Yves Nespoulous of Le Fooding has written it up.
              I have not been because so far it's only open at night and I'm still struggling to overcome my vampirephobia.

        3. We thought (this past November) that Au Passage was terrific -- all the things served were clear-tasting, clean-tasting and impeccably fresh. Thought the staff was fine. Thought the decor was funky pleasant.

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          1. re: Richard123

            We ate at Au Passage round about this time too and very much liked it.The format of small share-able plates differs sufficiently from Septime, Rino etc to make it a good option on a trip otherwise crammed with bigger meals.