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Jan 21, 2013 10:40 AM

UNI-tasker into MULTI-tasker??

SIL used to do Pampered Chef demos. When she quit that, had a TON of stuff. She have me one of those apple peeler/slicer/corer things. Don't do a lot of apples, but did discover a great alternative use or the device.

The cored/slicer part can be moved outta the way, leaving just the peeler part. It produces mounds of citrus zest in no time... let air dry till brittle and run thru coffee grinder used exclusively for spices.

Have you multi-taked any uni-taskers?

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  1. My huge cast metal potato ricer from Germany is also great for making Spatzle. German flour noodles. Put the batter in to the well and it drips in perfect lengths into the simmering water. To stop it, I just set it on the counter.

    Much easier and cleaner than using a colander.

    1. Gonna try ricer for spatzle! Found a kinda curved, triangular ricer at a thrift store. Rices out 2 curved sides, not just bottom.