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Jan 21, 2013 10:34 AM

Experience traveling with Pate? Yum yum yum...

We live in California and going to Paris for the first time. My husband is Vietnamese so he has a penchant for pate. ;)

Anyone with experience or tips in bringing back pate to the states? Can you bring back pate that's non-canned? Trying to figure out if I need to be traveling with empty "tupperware" or something! :D

And while we're at it. What's your favorite kind that I should look for? Canned or non alike?

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  1. That's like asking for a recommendation for a good Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles.

    I am always a sucker for rabbit. Lapin. A double portion if with cognac.

    Be sure you both are adept at metric measurements. 100 grams for me was one portion. Be it sausage, cheese, etc.
    And 454 grams equal a pound if memory serves.

    1. The San Francisco airport has seized any non-canned meat I tried to bring back, as well as canned ruminant meats. We have been able to bring back canned pate, rillettes, and canned foie gras however.

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      1. re: leahknight

        Thank you. This was incredibly helpful!

        Any canned suggestions?

        1. re: Lenity

          We've successfully brought back canned duck rillettes, goose and duck pates, goose and duck liver, pork, and venison. All these are delicious - and a great place to buy these (and more) is the Rue Mouffetard Market. Great cheese shop there too - Androuet. The market opens early Weds through Sunday, but is closed Monday and opens at noon on Tuesday. Have fun!!

        2. re: leahknight

          yes -- pork products are *only* allowed if hermetically sealed with industrial equipment (read: canned) and an expiration date stamped on the tin. I think the expiration has to be at least 3 years out (i.e, this is 2013, so the expiry has to be at least 2016) but someone else will have to confirm.

          No ham, no sausage, etc.

        3. On my last trip they took away my can of pate. They were giving everyone a hard time that morning, I noticed. I spent a lot for that pate so if I were you I wouldn't chance it!

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          1. re: bronwen

            I'm so sorry to hear that, Bronwen. Were you flying in into an airport in California?

            1. re: Lenity

              That would make sense! But no, I think they just really liked the look of the tin!

            2. re: bronwen

              that's the problem -- if the inspector's in a good mood, you might be able to haul in anything short of a fresh side of the animal of your choice -- but if he/she has his/her undies in a wad, you're not getting through with anything (sometimes even stuff that you *know* is legal. but arguing with customs inspectors rarely ends well)

              1. re: sunshine842

                Right on analysis of the situation. After they'd taken my pate they took lots of the lady behind me's stuff and actually had her in tears. She tried to remonstrate but they took her stuff anyway, so again, I don't think Lenity should chance it.

            3. Sadly, any airport in the US will confiscate any meat product you bring in if it's not in tins or vacuum jars. However, there are quite a few brands of foie gras and various pates made with same available in shops all across the city.

              I've found the best of these (and which is NOT available for sale in the US) is the Dubernet brand. They have a store in Paris in the 7me. 2 Rue Augereau 75007 Paris, France, phone: +33 1 45 55 50 71. Company's home base is Lyon, where they have two retail stores. I love bringing their products home for entertaining and for gifts.

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              1. re: ChefJune

                I think you make a very good point. There are LOADS of things available in the US now. Why even chance spending your money and wind up with nothing?

                1. re: c oliver

                  Well, because OP is in California and they cannot buy it there. As long as the product is vacuumed packed in tins or jars, they won't have it confiscated.

                  1. re: ChefJune

                    We also live in CA and whole foie gras cannot be raised here and restaurants can't serve it. But individuals can mail order from sites outside the state. And OP is talking about pate' rather than the lobes. Posters have said above that, even though it's legal, there are times it HAS been confiscated. I just wouldn't want to risk it. We travel internationally a couple of times a year probably and I just don't try anything that won't make it.