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Jan 21, 2013 10:27 AM

Best Fleming's Steakhouse location in LA?

I received a Fleming's gift card for my birthday and have never been before.

Which is the best Fleming's location in LA? Downtown LA Live, Beverly Hills, or El Segundo?

Which steak cut does Fleming's do best? Any side dish recommendations?

The 5 for $6 until 7pm happy hour special on apps and drinks sounds good. Is this deal worth it?

The prime burger with bacon for $6 sounds great, is it any good?


I have found only one great steak place in LA, Mastro's. It's right up there with LG's in Palm Springs and Hitching Post in Buellton. As you can see I know my steak restaurants.

If you are a steak hound like me and familar with the steak scene in LA please rank order the LA steak restaurants for me. I can't be driving 2.5 hours every time I want a good steak. I don't go to Mastro's because they are usually too loud and crowded.

Don't worry there are no wrong answers, just want to hear your honest opinions.

I will post a review of the Fleming's we end up going to.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Fleming's is definitely no Mastro's...not even close! Nevertheless, it's pretty good and pretty much in the same league as Ruth's Chris. I've been to a few and they're all very much the same. Go to whichever is most convenient and as long as your expectations are not too high, you'll enjoy.

    1. Honestly, I head down to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, make a day of it and then eat at the Fleming's there.

      I am not overly impressed with Mastro's either.

      Where I eat steak depends on where I am and where I am going. If I am in Downtown, heading to the theater I like Nick & Stef's or Pacific Dining Car. If I am in the SGV, I'll go to Del Rae, in Mid-town I'll go to Taylor's, Beverly Hills I'll usually go to CUT, but I have nostalgia for the Palm in West Hollywood.

      I think CUT is LA's best.

      But if someone else is buying, I won't say no to BOA, La Bistecca, Jar, Taylor's Steakhouse La Crescenta, Fleming's, Arnie Morton's, Wolfgang's, Mastro's, Craft, Arroyo Chophouse, Ruth's Chris or BLT.

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        The Fleming's in Fashion Island is the one I go to most often. It's fine, but I think that Mastro's is way better. As for CUT, I've had shockingly rude service there and will not return. The food there was also just ok...very surprising because all of WP's other restaurants are very good.

      2. Dined there a couple of times last year. The one thing that really stood out was desert - specifically their carrot cake I think is the best I've had. For side dishes, the "Flemmings Potatoes" were quite good. By the way this was at the El Segundo location - I've not dined at the others. To me, BLT is the best steakhouse I've been to in LA - I've also been to Ruth's Chris, Mastro's, Boa, but not Cut, Arnie Mortons etc.

        1. I have had very good steaks at the El Segundo branch - stay away from anything fancy and you can do quite well there. Manager Kenyon is often working the door - she is very friendly and anything she recommends you can get without hesitation. It is quite loud, but that just seems to be part of the experience tat all of the ones I have been to.

          1. P.s. - Ribeye is my favorite, though their filet has been unusually flavorful.