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Is the format changing again?

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I'm logged in using FF and what use to appear on the right side of the page is now appearing underneath the thread. Including ads, video recipe gallery, what's trending, now appearing and then the red footer banner after that.

The right side is now just open white space.

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    1. Nothing has changed for me HJ. I'm on FF too. The right side shows all the usual stuff. From top to bottom: discussions/ad/trending/videos/recipe gallery/ad. I use ad block so don't see the header ad anyway.

      After the last post is: From CHOW and Sponsored Partners/5 thumbnails. Under that is a huge blank white space (ad block), under that a grey area that holds titles: Videos/Recipes/The Blog/Discussion with a listing below each title. Then comes the red footer with Follow icons/About Chow etc.

      1. okay, must be a fluke. I'm using Chrome now and I don't have the same visual experience I detailed before. Thanks.

        1. Check your zoom. Chrome (and some other browsers) has this problem if zoom is at 90% or less. It's been a problem since Dec. There must be some problem with how page and column widths are specified that does not scale well. Zooming is not a standarized process in browsers.

          1. I'm on FF, too -- all that is on the bottom of my page, too (and my screen is not zoomed)

            I use AdBlock Plus, so I don't have ads -- but I'd rather all that other flotsam be at the bottom of the page, anyway.

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            1. re: sunshine842

              I'm now on FF 18, and get the same behavior that I mentioned before for Chrome. The sidebar moves to the bottom when zoomed out; back to the side when zoom is reset. Oh, and zooming text only is fine.

              There may be other factors, operating system, screen size, add ons.

              Opera is the only browser that I've tried that does not have this behavior when zooming out. It has the problem when zoomed in.

              1. re: paulj

                actually.....I had assumed that my zoom was at 100%, because I never change it.

                I went and clicked "reset" -- and all that dreck moved up to the right hand column. (huh -- wonder how that got changed)

                I zoomed back out because I don't want it anyway, and at least at the bottom of the page it's outta sight, outta mind.

            2. I'm on Chrome and everything is it's normal crappy self!! Although last night I could not access the site for a few hours let's say between 8ish-11? And I wasn't getting the sink full of dirty dishes error page.......just blank cyber space.

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              1. re: jrvedivici

                I experienced the same down time.

                re my original ?, glad to see I wasn't the only one experiencing some odd formatting either. I never touched the Zoom or any other tool. I opened one thread and the thread was fine but the rest of the information was formatted at the bottom of the page. I'm not experiencing this today however so I have no idea why it's happening.

                1. re: HillJ

                  I guess for the true tech heads out there I should clarify last night I was only trying to access from my Iphone 4s not from a PC or Chrome. I'm only one that during the day at work.

                2. re: jrvedivici

                  I had problems accessing then too. I could get to my profile page but any other attempt would generate a blank white screen.

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    I experienced the same outage - every page I tried to access took me to an error message about the server being overloaded. I meant to report it when I could connect again, but this stupid flu has my head so foggy I forgot. Glad others are on the ball!

                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      Bet the chow techs were overwhelmed by emails from Chow addicts. If you got your profile page, the browser probably was loading it from its cache. Servers do go down for one reason or other.

                  2. I'm using FF today and the formatting keeps changing from what we are usually seeing in layout to the right side of the page content switching to the end of the page. So odd.

                    1. Another issue in FF is logging in. The Remember Me box is not once checked.