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Jan 21, 2013 09:55 AM

V&V What's for dinner, January-February 2013

Hi all!! I think our old thread was getting a little long, so I'm starting a new one.

A thoughtful friend gifted me Ottolenghi's Plenty for Christmas, and I have been cooking recipes from it here and there. Last night, I made Cabbage rolls and Stuffed zucchini, as well as the Kohlrabi and Cabbage Salad. Last week, I made the fried lima beans with sorrel. I believe you can find most of these online, but I recommend buying the book. I've been reading it constantly.

All have been unusual and lovely and combinations I would never come up with myself. A great book if you are looking to get out of a cooking rut!

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  1. Let's see: Mondays are now Fasting Mondays at our house. But tomorrow I am making this carrot/caramelized onion/fresh coriander/black bean dish that Nigel Slater tweeted about last week. It looks dead easy, cozy, and filling.

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      Can't find this recipe but sounds fabulous . Can you link it please?

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        Here you go:

        (I hope that works but if it doesn't, go to his site and click on the Kitchen tab; it has all his Twitter recipes on it.)

    2. I'm thinking maybe some gnocchi w walnuts and a cabbage salad.

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        A few mods. Mainly I wanted a lower-cal alternative to the cashew cream, so I pureed a package of silken tofu with a bulb of roasted garlic (peeled, obviously) and used that instead. Also used white beans instead of chickpeas, wild rice and spinach as the leafy green.

        1. I've got two Sprouted Kitchen recipes on the horizon next week

 which I think I will serve on a bed of arugula


 which will use sheep feta

          1. Garbanzos and sauteed onions in balsamic-soy sauce over wilted spinach.
            Last night was sweet peppers & broccoli in peanut sauce on jasmine rice.