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Jan 21, 2013 07:57 AM

Longing for Italian and Steak in NW CT/Great Barrington area

So we just recently moved to the Lakeville area from Long Island. We love good food. Most of the time, we end up disappointed- even Bizen, which gets rave reviews, stunk for us. Cold, weird miso soup and salad with a GREEN dressing (I own a salad dressing company and love all things green- but, come on! Where's the delicious Japanese ginger stuff here?) They were completely out of beef ANYTHING. Are you kidding?

We have friends coming to stay and they love Italian and Steak. I made a reservation at Fiori. Forgetting the service, (which matters, but for this discussion I'd like to talk about the food) is the food DELICIOUS?

Any recommendations?

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  1. Couldn't agree more about Bizen, I have never had a meal there that I didn't come away from feeling hipped in some way or another, whether by mediocre food or bad service. Italian and steak you say? As far as Italian goes I prefer Elizabeth's in Pittsfield and Trattoria Rustica also in Pittsfield. Steak is a whole different animal, no pun intended. Prime in Lenox isn't bad, it's not great.... I have been to Rt 7 Grill south of Gt Barrington on Rt 7, i had a nice meal there, not overly memorable but I believe they use grass fed beef etc. there.

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      I went to Fiori last fall - we went without a reservation and the hostess gave us "a look" then proceeded to walk us through an empty restaurant to a crappy table by the kitchen door; I pointed at a window table and she relented. The restaurant remained empty (a Saturday night in the fall, not a good sign) but the food was actually great. GB can be hit or miss, as, with the exception of Cafe Adam, I have never had consistency from visit to visit with any of the restaurants I have gone to there. For the better end of downtown GB, I would suggest either Fiori or Allium (right across the street). If you are looking for a food experience, I would say Cafe Adam.

      I had been eying Trattoria Rustica in Pittsfield for a few years and finally went there last month, as it is next door to the new Beacon Theater . . . what a disappointment. Again, a very uncrowded restaurant where they look at walk-ins as though they are invaders. The appetizers were bland and uninspired as were the entries. A lovely setting, with maybe overly-precious service, so I will give it another go at some point, but it was not what I had hoped it would be.

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        Change of plans- going to No. 9 in Millerton. I've heard nothing but delicious things about this place.

    2. For Italian, I would recommend two places in Torrington CT, one is Anthony's on North Street, informal, inexpensive and great Pizza as well as Zuppa de pesc. the second is The Venetian in the center on east main. It has been around for a very long time. I suggest the house made-at-the-table Caesar salad and the spagatini. I haven't been to Fiori but have not heard one good word yet

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        Thank you for the reply. I made a reservation at Fiori, and am giving it a whirl... it can only stink once! It's really pretty there and its possible we might take in a movie first. I've actually heard good things about the Chef. Plus, I just like the area better than Torrington- including the drive from my home. I've also heard great things about both of those restaurants in Pittsfield- but it might be a little further than we wanted. My husband and I will definitely try those Torrington places another time though!

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          Thank you for the recommendations a while back. Tonight, my husband and I tried Anthony's for pizza. We had 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 plain. Each had a beer. With tip $27. It was good, although I thought it was a bit too cheesy for my taste. We actually prefer Taro's for pizza in Millerton. So far they have been our pizza winner.

          Will try The Venetian one day. I look forward to the old time prepared Caesar salad.