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Jan 21, 2013 07:50 AM

Coupl Le Galopin or Saturne for dinner? Sunday night

My wife and I will be in Paris for a week in March with two of our children aged 17 and 12. I have booked most of our meals, informed by a close reading of this board as well by as our previous trips to Paris. For context, we will be going to Le Severo and Au Bouef Couronne with the kids to appease their carnivorous appetites and to Spring by ourselves. I have two questions for the board:

(1) For our other evening dining without the kids, should we go to Saturne or Le Galopin? The latter has the advantage of being 5 minutes from our hotel by the Canal St Martin, but the food at the former sounds as if it may be more interesting.

(2) We arrive in Paris on Sunday night. Verre Volé is perfecly situated for us and sounds like lots of fun, but I'm concerned that they might not have anything that appeals to our relatively unadventurous children. They would be happy with grilled meats, poultry or fish, but will not tolerate organ
meats. Do you think Verre Volé would work for us or should we retreat to Café des Musées where we had a pretty good meal a few years ago? How about Breizh Café? Any other ideas in the general vicinity that would be stimulating and delicious for our first night?

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  1. Without the kids Saturne.
    Cafe Des Musees is probably safer with them.

    1. For Sunday arrival, maybe the kids would enjoy Bang on the quai Jemmapes/ Canal Saint-Martin. It's a carnivore's delight... and lots of fun.

      Another possibility (with a caution warning), la Patache across from la Verre Volé (which fussy teenage eaters would not enjoy at all). Very animated oh-so-parisienne ambiance/vibe and excellent bar food (platters of cheese/ charcuterie/etc.) But it is basically a bar and might collide with American notions of what's suitable for teenagers. And maybe a bit too noisy for mom & dad.

      A back-pocket option on another day or night (but closed on Sunday and Monday), l'Aller-Retour on the rue Charles François Dupuis in the 3rd just behind République. Ultra-charming little patch of Paris. It's a French version of an American steakhouse but still manages to remain very parisien.

      1. Galopin and Saturne very different styles.
        Galopin small ,a bit cramped and food healthy and light.
        Saturne, very spacious and beautiful, serves some of best bread (Des Pains and Les Idees), wonderful comte and a 'orange' wine list unequalled in Paris. The food, while no choice, is usually very well done as well. Make sure you get a table in back room, front is too hectic for me.

        1. Many thanks for the feedback. Saturne it is! And Patache sounds just right for our first night, when what we eat is less important than introducing our kids to a lively, Parisian scene...