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Jan 25, 2006 04:44 PM

South Lake Tahoe restaurants

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I would like recommendations for a restaurant in South Lake Tahoe that is romantic , special ,and not seafood oriented. Thanks

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  1. Evans, which imo is the best restaurant on the south shore.

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      I'll second Cafe Fiore. It's been there for a long time—enjoying support from locals—and it feels very much like some of the bistros here in Santa Cruz. The menu is artistic without being pretentious, and it's got a good wine list. Very comfortable and delicious.

    2. Actually, my wife and I were in Southshore Lake Tahoe last weekend, and two recommendations.

      - Cafe Fiore was nice for dinner, very good wine list (wine spectator award), not crazy expensive, and generally good pasta dishes (the breaded deep fried meatballs were particularly nice).
      - Locals go to the Red Hut for breakfast the morning after your romantic meal or skiing, which is okay as breakfast diners go, but if you want your basic diner food, it's very local and avoids the chain places.

      If you want a chain place, guilty favorite, Heidi's. Try the chicken fried steak if they have it and notify your cardiologist in advance.

      1. The Swiss Chalet on Highway 50 between the Y and the Nevada state line. Excellent, reliable, been there many years, family owned and operated. We try to get there at least once a year.