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Jan 21, 2013 05:15 AM

How to find out the name of a cheese

May seem like a simple question, but it appears that it is not. I have been on the search to find out the name of a cheese that we ate each morning at our hotel breakfast in Munich a few weeks ago. I forgot to ask, then the hotel closed for the holidays for two weeks starting the day we left. Now they are not putting much priority on my query, so I'm on my own to find it. At this point , I'd just like to find out the name, but no electronic or library search has yielded any result. I'm wondering if any chowhound has a suggestion how I might go about finding this literally one in a million cheese. I figured it would be hard, but not this hard! I even have a picture of it. It was a semi-soft cheese, with a couple of ribbons of something sweetish through it (fig or honey or some such) and had walnuts along the rim... Perhaps some walnuts inside, too. How do I go about finding out its name? Thanks!

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  1. Another case made for why labeling cheese helps us out!

    I had a similar experience with a specific chocolate while traveling abroad and here's how I received the specific information after the fact from the hotel. I emailed their reservation desk and stated that my next visit rested on knowing what chocolate the chef used at dinner because I wanted to recommend the experience to a fellow traveler. Reservations emailed back to say they would get the answer and emailed me again with the answer.

    Otherwise the specific food item might be hard to nail down. It turned out to be a chocolate bark produced specifically for the hotel.

    1. My first thought was Mirabo, a cheese from Bavaria that has pieces of walnut throughout the paste. However, it doesn't have walnuts on the rim, nor fruit in it.

      I'm guessing that what you ate at breakfast was a cheese torte, which is a cake-like construction (in shape) that consists of alternating layers of cheese and something savory, like pesto, or sweet, like jam or stewed fruit. Since you recall walnuts being inside, Mirabo may have been the cheese used to make the torte. It's possible that the torte was put together by the hotel's kitchen or else that it was made locally for the hotel. It may not be something you can purchase elsewhere, although it would certainly be possible to make something similar.

      1. My thought is possibly an Allgauer Brie composed as cheesemaestro stated. Since the walnuts are on the rim, it would probably get extra fuzzy before it would arrive at your place. So now you get to experiment.

        May all your failures be tasty until you reach perfection.

        1. gardencook, are you able to post a picture of said cheese, as you mentioned you have one? That might help in the IDing.

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            Grayelf - good idea. I did take a picture of it, although it came out a little blurry. I am uploading it to this post. It is the cheese in the front on the left side of the picture. You can see the walnuts on top of it. Thank you!

            1. re: HillJ

              After looking at gardencook's photo, I would say that it is neither Mirabo, which has walnuts more evenly distributed throughout the paste, nor Gourmandise Walnut, which has more layers of nuts than the cheese in the picture. Also, the OP describes layers of something sweet, not just nuts, and neither of these cheeses have that.

              The picture in your link from Flickr looks more like what the OP posted, but the cheese is not identified. In both cases, the walnuts on top seem to have been placed there for decorative purposes. I still think that the OP's cheese is something constructed locally from several elements, but, if gardencook ever gets a response from the hotel, we'll know for sure.

              1. re: cheesemaestro

                Needle in a haystack sometimes. Which is one of the reasons I recommended contacting the hotel earlier in this thread. The cheese could be specially prepared for the hotel or a specialty of the chef. When I ran across this with a special chocolate my family & I tried to source, it turned out to be produced specifically for the hotel.

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                  And although these photos aren't helping the OP, I adore both Mirabo and Gourmandise and most cheeses that includes nuts.