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Jan 21, 2013 05:01 AM

Fifty Years - DTW

What Detroit restaurants have endured fifty, count'm 50, years - or more?

My list, in no particular order:

Scotty Simpson's (Fish & Chips), 1950
Marcus (Burgers), 1929
Gonellas (Subs), 194x
Buddy's (Pizza), 1936
Hunter House (Burgers), 1952
Brays (Burgers), 1950
Motz (Burgers), 1929
Daly's (full service restaurant), 1948
Walt's (Coney), 1936
Bob E's Super Chief (Coney), 195x
Dakota Inn Rathskeller (German), 1933
Metzger's (German - Ann Arbor), 1928
Ruggero's (Italian - Flint), 1958
Halo Burger (Flint), 1923
Buscemi's (Pizza & Subs), 1955

Whaddya got for the list? Let's exclude the mega-chains, okay? (McD, Dominos, Little Caesars, etc)

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  1. Greene's (burgers)
    Haab's (Ypsilanti)

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    1. re: charlesbois

      Thank you! I couldn't find a founding date for Greene's,
      so I called them. First opened in 1947

      Haab's (full service restaurnt), 1934

      1. re: charlesbois

        Oh and Chick Inn in Ypsilanti, but I don't know the exact year

      2. Roma Cafe (Italian) is up to 120 years, if I'm not mistaken—1890. Also the original Gabriel's cheese steak shop in Ypsilanti opened in 1958 and still has its original awning.

        1. Clawson Steakhouse, 1958
          Comos Pizza, 1961

          1. Sindbad's On The River 194x

            1. I believe Miller's Bar fits into this category. As do Lafayette and American Coney Island.