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Jan 21, 2013 02:32 AM

Eating cheap in Paris


Looking to eat cheap in Paris. We have a hotel room in the Latin Quartier so limited only to a fridge. Any advise on how to shop and what to buy? Interested in making breakfasts and lunches then going out to eat at dinner.

- Is it true you can purchase a baguette for one or two euros?
- I know you can buy cheese and sausage and make a simple sandwich... But what else can you suggest?

Has anyone shopped at Monoprix? Any advice there?


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  1. there are so many sandwich stands (stands sandwich?) for lunch, to even worry. it is an expensive city, but eating au comptoir (not salon or terrasse) in decent but good places is easy. fab, no, but easy to find. hell it's Paris, a croque of either gender with a beer or vin is great.

    where in the LQ? if you're near Cardinal Lemoine there's a great open-air market at the bottom of the hill.

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    1. re: hill food

      I'll be staying nearest to the Maubert - Mutualité stop.
      Hmm I suppose I can eat like the university students in that area. lol

      1. re: Lenity

        A good neighborhood to eat economically in. In the the Place Mubert (were the Maubert-Mutualite' Metro stop is) there is a market Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Lots of seasonal items. Several takeout stands there including a good one on the southwest corner of the Place (corner r. des Carmes and B. st. Germaine that has good soup. A small family owned grocery around the corner on the r. Lagrange. A block down the Boulevard St. Germaine, take a right in the r. Monge and half a block down is a Boulangerie Kayser for excellent bread and sandwiches.

        None of these places is extrodinary, though Keyser is very good, but you'll find plenty to keep your belly full at a reasonable price until dinner rolls around.

        1. re: Mike C. Miller

          The restaurant/take out place near the corner of R. Des Carmes and the B. St. Germaine is Les Delice des Fourmil. Nice folks, simple dishes and quick, economical fast food. Nothing to write home about, mind you, but you can eat cheap so you have something to write home about later. Between a stop there every few days, the market, a grocery, and a bakery, you'll be fine.

        2. re: Lenity

          Best cheese maybe in the universe in Place Maubert @ Laurent Dubois. and an old standby bistro, Chez Rene. nice neighborhood for food!

      2. You can, of course, shop at Monoprix -- but you're likely to find prices a little cheaper at Franprix, Leader Price, Ed, Dia, G20, or Carrefour City.

        There's also lots of crepe places, kebab joints, and falafel (over in the Marais, particularly on rue des Rosiers)

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        1. re: sunshine842

          Lenny Kravitz has gone in writing to praise that falafel place on des Rosiers

          (I know pop star, so who cares, but a vegetarian (AFAIK) Black Jewish pop star from LA, where everyone does indeed know from falafel)

          1. re: hill food

            *one* of the falafel places on Rosiers...there are lots of 'em!

            1. re: sunshine842

              yeah I know and it's been years and I still remember, but couldn't name or give directions but a distant friend lives over on Franc Bourgeois 2 blocks off St. Antoine.

            2. re: hill food

              The "Lenny Kravitz" place is l'As du Fallafel, 34 rue des Rosiers.

          2. What is the average price you can buy a sandwich or crepe for in Paris? Mmmmm I love crepes. Glad to hear that there's tons of those around in this area.

            Not too excited for falafel. I live in Los Angeles. I've got endless Jewish food here.

            And "Au comptoir" means literally standing at the bar? Walk into a resturant and just have a meal at the bar? Just that easy? ::naive traveler here!::