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Jan 21, 2013 12:18 AM

Discover one of the most diverse cuisines in the world from a country in south america with the smallest population - SURINAM

Javanese, Indians, Maroons, Creoles, Caucasian and Hindus. All these different people live in the country of Surinam with a population of less then half a million people. Recipes traveled from the far east, africa & europe to south america. This resulted in one of the most diverse cuisines i have witnessed to this day in my traveling career.

The javanese took their noodles and soups see:

and the runaway slaves from africa that settled in the jungle of the amazone, gathered their ingrediƫnts from their new environment which resulted in her heri for example

Are there any people that been in contact with the surinam cuisine, if so, which part of it and what did(n't) you like?

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  1. I live in the Dutch Caribbean (Bonaire) part of the year. We have a big Surinamese population that influences food and culture..I love the Nasi, Loompia,'s all GOOD but I feel fat after due to the carbs....lovely food..their Roti is quite different from Trini Roti..(which I prefer)..they serve the curry in the side and the roti folded up and the bones are in the chicken...lovely sauces...the way they prefer green beans is divine..nothing fancy but it's so flavourful. The slightly sweet cucumbers are lovely sides to accompany the Bami. Oh I love your site. Thanks for sharing. I did not know Maroons traveled there..such a diverse cuisine and culture. I hope to get to Suriname one day. There is non stop air from neighboring Curacao.

    1. I'm going for a short trip in May any suggestions on restaurants?

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        Tweede kamer at the hofstraat, Paramaribo. They serve the best quality of meat, fish and vegetables i ate in any restaurant in Surinam.I know the kitchen staff shops everyday looking for the best ingredients. If you won't take my word for it, go around dinner time and you will see that the place is packed!