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Jan 20, 2013 10:21 PM

Single-serve coffeemaker recommendation

I am not even close to what one would call a coffee drinker, let alone a connoisseur, typically having one cup once every three or four months. However, I am finding myself drinking more frequently of late, and was considering getting a single-serve machine. I don't have the preferences that many have: I am not looking for a machine to make super-strong coffee, for instance. I understand that the price is very high per cup with the single-serve cups, but it seems that for me, when I might have only one or two cups a week--if that much--it will still come out cheaper than buying a pound of ground coffee, which I might have around for months. It would allow me to have a variety of flavors, which appeals to me as well.

Given these preferences, can anyone comment on whether a machine like the Mini-Plus Personal Coffee Maker by Keurig would be appropriate for my specific needs/desires?

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  1. It's perfect. We had a larger Tassimo but the water in the reservoir would get nasty before we came back for the next cup. We only drink coffee on weekends. It works much better for us to only add water as neded. We are now on our 2nd personal size Keurig in about six years. It's very handy to be able to have decaf or not within minutes depending on your whim or that of a guest.

    1. I love my Keurig, now mind you we're way bigger coffee drinkers so we've got a B60 Keurig (has 3 sizes it can make) plus a regular drip coffee maker. That way we can make pots or single cups depending on the situation.

      1. In our case, I love a cup (or two) every morning. Wife not so much, maybe one a week. Occasionally we would make a large pot. For the last two years we've had a Keurig B70 that fit our needs and invested in a number of MY K Cups so we could use our own ground coffee. My wife never liked the coffee that was brewed in the Keurig. This past December I was looking at the Breville BDC600XL coffee maker. This is the best of both worlds. It makes a single serving of coffee that can range from 7.5 oz to 21 oz and a coffee pot that can handle 12 cups if so desired. Has it's own burr grinder that grinds the beans perfectly for drip coffee. I highly recommend this one. It's pricey, and since you don't drink a lot of coffee may not be the one for you. But it's fit our bill perfectly

        1. I have had a Keurig Mini-Plus for about a year now and like it a great deal. You can also use it to make a cup of tea with a bag if you like.