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Jan 20, 2013 10:18 PM

Detroit area. Recs for after NAIAS.

I am going to the North American International Auto Show with my daughter next weekend and I need recommendations for after the show. Id prefer something casual and Id like to keep the budget under $50 for both of us, but I'll go higher for the right place. Neither of us are big meat eaters and usually prefer ethnic places. Indian, middle eastern, Thai and Mexican are all welcome and I'm willing to try something different if available.

We have a GPS but Id like to keep driving time within 15 minutes of downtown because we have to drive 3 hours back to NE Ohio after dinner.

We both have passsports if you have ideas in Windsor.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you would like the best Middle Eastern, you might consider heading to Dearborn. (within your 15 minute rule, depending on the traffic) The best upscale place is Ollie's on Ford Rd. My favorite casual place is Al Ameer on Warren. Have fun and enjoy the show.

    1. I posted a similar thread here:

      I will be posting up my trip report shortly.

      My recs are pretty "meat" based so don't have much to share specifically with you. I would suggest parking in the area where you will be having dinner if it is downtown and use the people mover to get to the show. Parking will likely be cheaper this way and you avoid the crowds/traffic right by the Cobo Center. Maybe search here for "Greektown" recs, etc.

      1. +1 for west Dearborn, but I'd choose Cedarland for their more varied, homestyle menu. It's a very casual sit-down, and open until midnight at least. Then I'd head on up the street (just a few blocks) to Shatila for dessert-- middle-eastern pastries and grrrreat ice cream. "and click on Bakery Retail Store"

        For Mexican I'd choose Nuestra Familia, or LaTerraza for more of a seafood emphasis. In both cases you're definitely in the barrio, which means you'll be one of very few English speakers and the neighborhood won't look like a suburb at all. I've always felt safe at both, though.


        Nuestra Familia has fenced, adjacent parking. La Terraza has some spaes on the side of the building, though I typically park on the street.

        Another idea is the more upscale El Barzon. It's Mexican (hers) and Italian (his). I especially enjoy their Chile en Nogada. Reservations are recommended on Fridays, required on Saturdays. They have a guard to watch your car in front of the place.

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          Ack! I did not think that posted as the site went down (from here, anyway) just as I tried. Now the edit option is gone.

          Anyway make that East Dearborn, spaces for "spaes" and El Barzon's menu is at