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Two bargain basement deals at SF Costco

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I was at the store today, while it seemed like many in the crowd were excitedly watching the San Francisco 49ers vs Falcons game, and spotted these two specials after walking the entire bank of refrigerated aisles. I took a picture of the cheese, but not of the mousse. The 16 oz mousse is split into two 8 oz pate tubs, each tub individually wrapped in vacuum sealed plastic:

16 oz le Trois Petits Cochons (the 3 little pigs) mousse truffee pork & chicken liver mousse with truffles, topped with aspic, $5.97 each, 11276

d'Affinois garlic and herbs brie cheese, $4.97 / lb (regular price $9.97 / lb), 43092

As fellow chowhound wolfe has indicated in another Costco thread, if you wait, the price may go down, but you also run the risk of missing out entirely on the deal. I've included the item numbers after the price if you wanted to call ahead to confirm the items are in stock.

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