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Jan 20, 2013 09:49 PM

Pork-free bean soup!

Although we are not strictly kosher, we do not eat pork or shellfish. We love soups! So very many soup recipes, especially those for bean soup which we really enjoy, call for bacon, ham hocks, pancetta, sausages, etc. What do most kosher CH's do? Do you simply omit the offending product, or are there reasonable substitutes for these smoked pork products?

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  1. I've used smoked turkey broth and/or meat to effectively flavor bean recipes. (Greenberg smoked turkeys from here in TX, specifically - they use conventional turkeys, not kosher.)

    Other options: Liquid Smoke seasoning - use very sparingly at first until familiar; smoked salt - sub for regular salt.

    1. You could try Jack's gourmet sausages

      1. smoked turkey, widely available as a drumstick.

        I make excellent versions of the classics (Congressional Bean Soup, Split Pea) by simply substituting a smoked turkey leg.

        I also agree with the Duchess, you can also with bones and or leftover meat and drip in a little liquid smoke.

        There is also a world of wonderful vegan bean soups, not to mention uses of bone and poultry and meat that are not smoked ham (Harira - and a whole world of meaty Middle Eastern soups)

        1. I like to use a nice piece of pastrami, but remember to cutdown on your spices as the outside of the pastrami is coated in pepper and pickling spices. Sometimes, I'll wrap the pastrami in cheesecloth to avoid the gritty spices ending up in the soup.

          1. Liquid smoke and a little whatever fat the recipe calls for, usually olive oil.

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              Thyme helps to create a smokiness if you want to stay vegetarian. Smoked turkey thigh is great though it's much harder to find.

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                I use thyme in my split pea soup.

                Fr most other soups I keep them vegetarian also. Trader Joes has a smoked salt in a grinder that's excellent.

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                  That smoked salt in the grinder is, indeed, excellent, but I have been looking to get another one now that I'm almost done with the one I have. I have been looking in every TJs I find myself in, to no avail. Have you seen the smoked salt recently? If so, I will ask in my local store if they can get it in again, but I have a feeling that it's yet another thing TJs has discontinued.

                  1. re: queenscook

                    It might be discontinued. Haven't bought it in a while. I want to say I saw it at Costco, but not sure.

                    A friend said she bought "African smoke seasoning" in a grinder at trader joes

                    1. re: cheesecake17

                      Yes, they have that, but it's very different. If I recall correctly, that has hot pepper in it.

                      Thanks anyway.

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                        Not sure, never tried it. I think I saw some type of smoke salt in one of the kosher stores in Brooklyn

                        1. re: queenscook

                          I went today. The South African smoke seasoning has salt, paprika, hot pepper.

                          They also have pink Himalayan sea salt

                          1. re: cheesecake17

                            OK, but the paprika and garlic make it unusable for what I usually use it for. Thanks for checking, though.