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Jan 20, 2013 09:21 PM

Philly/Montco Wedding Suggestions

My fiancé & I are planning a wedding for this April, May or June. We want to keep it under $90 per head as we have 300 on the guest list. We have had great offers from a couple country clubs but we want a more casual indoor/outdoor feel. The one place that was perfect for this (Manor House at Prophecy Creek) would NOT go below 93 per person (and that price doesn't include alcohol as you have to bring your own so it was waaay out of our range). So we are still searching! Does anyone have suggestions?

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  1. Try Evviva on Montgomery Avenue. We have held lovely parties there, and have attended others.
    It's in a big old mansion house with a garden. They supply the flowers. Good food and service, good prices.

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      with all due respect to sylvia ( i love your reviews!) you would never fit 300 people in Evviva --125 tops. It is not a large mansion, it's a smallish house, with several small rooms and a separate bar/cocktail room. we have been to many over-crowded, tight parties there.

    2. You may be able to work within your numbers on a daytime reception at the Wm Penn Inn. Check out their numbers. I have been to a few receptions there and they were very nicely done.

      1. You would never fit 300 people at the William Penn Inn.

        Knowlton Mansion
        Glen Foerd Mansion
        Normandy Farms

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          Mofo , Good list for a 300 person wedding, something to work with there for sure. If considering catering and out of doors the Highlands in Broad Ax/Ambler area may also fit the bill. FYI the Wm Penn Inn offers rooms for 250 and 125 which can be used for one event therefore 300 people would indeed fit. What a great suggestion from Bigley9, great venue indeed!

        2. consider checking out the boathouses on boat house row. Most you have to BYOcaterer - but great for an indoor/outdoor feel

          1. I realize this isn't what you asked for but my suggestion would be that you consider reducing your guest list down to no more than 250 people. With the under $90 per person you were planning on spending for 300 people, you can have 250 people for a $100 a person which is a much more realistic cost for weddings these days.

            As an aside, I am not sure I even know 300 people.

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              Another aside: my hat is off to you for your ability to plan such a big wedding in such a short amount of time. Aren't most venues already booked? Also, I echo Faye's advice on shortening the guest list.