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Jan 20, 2013 08:34 PM

King Cake

Although everyone seems to just go for the King Cake they grew up with, I've been trying a few. Gambino's--terrible. Threw most of it away. Tried Sucre--was disappointed. Boulangerie has a very good traditional New Orleans style version I tried last year. Today tried one of the French style--puff pastry with an almond filling. Tasty. Got a KC from Maple Street. When they rang me up, it was an eye-popping $27. However, it was nice--braided, with real creme cheese flavor and very fresh, not too much sugar on top. Perhaps the best New Orleans style cake I've had. Looking forward to trying the new Zulu cake and perhaps one of the ones from Domenica.

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  1. Have just tried 3 this week that I like very much. 1) Cake Cafe's apple and goat cheese king cake. 2) Pizza Delicious's king cake with cinnamon cream cheese. 3) Gracious Bakery's king cake with a ribbon of chocolate winding through the middle of it.

    I agree that Boulangerie's king cake is one of the best in town.

    1. Try a slice of Domenica's for dessert before ordering a whole cake for $35. I found the description reads better than it tastes. It is cut in half horizontally with the fillings sandwiched between. This leaves the bottom half too thick and doughy, absorbing the salted caramel thereby resulting in little caramel flavor. The mascarpone slid to the opposite edge. It was difficult getting a piece with a taste of banana, caramel and cream. In addition, the top of the brioche was unpleasantly hard.

      I tried La Dolce Nola's nutella last year. It left me wondering "where's the nutella?" Perhaps I just got a bad one.

      My favorites are Cake Cafe's apple goat cheese and La Boulangerie's French. IMO, Manny Randazzo makes the best traditional.

      Has anyone tried Maurice's Banana Foster?

      1. best traditional king cake i've had in 3 years has been the Buttermilk Drop Cafe...small little family run bakery/hot plate lunch place on N Dorgenois ~ homey, divey and eclectic joint..luvit

        I think i paid 9 bux for a whole cake, filled to order was around 13

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          The guy that owns Buttermilk starred in Beasts of the Southern Wild, he will be opening a place in NYC in the spring, can't wait to try his king cake next year

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            no way, that's awesome. I don't live too far from the place but it was my 80 yr old neighbor who turned me on to it...very good stuff ~

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            I've heard great things about Buttermilk. Do you need to order in advance, or can you just walk in and pick up a king cake, do you know?

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. Haven't had a Gambino's this seasaon but from what you write it may have promise. I've been--as usual--sticking to Haydel's with an occasional laspe for the Cajun Kringle, the seasonal rules governing which are not so absolute as for a King Cake (or King's Cake if you prefer).

              In the non-Haydel world, I will sometime have a bite of Manny Randazzo's which is actually rather tasty, in complete contravention of Tradition.

              I'd like to make a list of bakeries that actually put da baby inside da cake instead of this Tort LAw Driven infamy of leaving it outside as a choking hazard. Ya don't know da rule, ya don't play. Ya mama 'n dem otta be watching.