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Jan 20, 2013 08:05 PM

Where to bring Chinese Visitors, Northern Central NJ

My co workers from our China office are visiting the week of 2/10/13. What are good places to bring them for lunch/dinner? Dim Sum, Traditional American..Im clueless as to what they would like to eat? Have any of you had to entertain co workers or visitors from China? Our office is in Edison, NJ, I will need ideas in that area but we will also be travelling to Bridgewater and Short Hills, NJ. I am looking for suggestions in Middlesex/Somerset/Essex and Union county.

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  1. In Edison area there are a lot of great Chinese and Korean places, Wonder Seafood on Rt 27 would be good for dim sum. Further down the road is China Bowl which serves Cantonese style Chinese BBQ and noodle and rice dishes. There are also Noodlelicious near the Hmart which serves good Taiwanese-style noodle.

    For Korean food, there is Picnic Garden (all you can eat grill meat) next to Hmart. Also, in the same mall as Hmart, there is a tofu house which is great. Avoid Hmart food court, I really don't think the food there is all that great; the fried chicken booth being the only exception.

    For American food, over in Asia they don't make burgers and steaks like they do here. So if your coworkers are interested in devouring beef, I think a decent steak/burger joint would work.

    Cajun cuisine would work also and might be something interesting.

    I once bring a friend from Hong Kong to try Mexican and he did not like it but that might just because we went to On the Borders :)

    1. I have several friends who live in China that visit the NYC area on business often. All of them agree that even the best of NYC Chinese food is not anything like what they are used to in China. I would probably avoid any Chinese food.
      But, all four of them can't get enough of American fried chicken. Two of them even love Chick Fil A and make it a point to eat there more than once a trip. Not so much KFC as they are already able to get that in the major cities in China, but a real southern resto is a big treat.

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        That's a pretty good point. When I was in China there's no way I was eating American food, but people we were with just ate at McDonald's every meal. If they're homesick or timid go Asian, but otherwise you'd do better at a good diner, a steakhouse, maybe a nice Italian place. Something classically American they can't get in China.

      2. Kim Chi Hana in south plainfield is a fun spot they might like. You grill your own meat there over charcoal...pretty cool if you ask me and very tasty!

        1. Fernandes Steakhouse 3 might be a good spot that is something different. Its a brazilian style steakhouse where they serve Rodizio. I am sure they would get a kick out of that (if they like meat, and most people from China that I know like meat.)

          I have never been there but if its half as good as Fernandes 2 in newark, then you will be OK. If Newark is not too far, then definitely Fernandes. I'd recommend the upstairs room if you can get reservations up there.

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            Thanks Johnny for recommending Fernandes Steakhouse 3. We went for the Brazilian Rodizio Sunday Night. Of the 3 Rodizios I have been to in NJ, one in Long Branch, One in Newark and here, this was by far the best. Salad Bar was awful but the meat was great, especailly the garlic steak and the bacon wrapped lamb. Not better than Platform in NYC but very good Rodizio.

            A good rec, probably worthy of its owe thread, which hopefully I will get to.

          2. I would take them to someplace nice that has interesting fish, like Blue Water Seafood on Route 18 across from Brunswick Square mall.
            Or LouCas on 27 at Parsonage Road probably has something interesting and not too weird-seeming for various non-American palates.