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Jan 20, 2013 07:11 PM

Willa's question for tonight: Where to eat close to the Palace Hotel San Francisco?

My 21 year old son and I are at the Palace in San Francisco. Arrived here earlier today from Moss Beach (Half Moon Bay area) where we had a remarkable time and remarkable meals. Started our afternoon with lunch at Yank Sing. Fabulous dim sum, as always. Then, after watching the end of the game, took a cab to the Buena Vista so I could introduce my boy to the lovely albeit touristy Irish Coffee. Then we had the best time! Walked back to the hotel via North Beach and Chinatown, and we're hungry. Love the Italian in North Beach. But where to eat in the Tenderloin? Great sit down Mexican? Other? Thanks.

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  1. Board default is Lers Ros, thai, make sure you order off the beaten path and like spicy.

    There really isn't sit down mexican, the couple of places that specialized in it closed (Maya, Mexico DF). Nopalito comes close.

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      Thank you! We love thai, we love spicy, and we love off-the-beaten path. That would be perfect for tonight. Any recommendations? How is the green curry?

      We had an incredible Mexican meal at El Gran Amigo taqueria in Moss Beach. A dive with food made from the heart. Unbelievable pinto beans. Everything was great.

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        Green curry is not off the beaten track....

        Duck Larb, Papaya Salad, Thai Herb Sausage, etc
        There are a number of things you'll see on there like green curry and pad thai that are on every thai menu. Steer away, ask for authentic thai dishes.

        Good luck.

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          Pad Thai is not an authentic Thai dish?

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            I adore green curry and make my own curry paste. My sister and I make green curry for something fun to do some evenings, and each time it's a teeny bit different. So I always order green curry when I go to a new thai restaurant because every chef's version is unique. I collect memories of green curries like others collect Pez dispensers.

            The pork belly looks excellent. The papaya salad, which is also on every menu, sounds great and full of fire. Thanks so very much for your quick response! We are off to Lers Ros.


            1. re: Willa

              I am also a huge fan of green curry. I'm just saying that's not what Lers Ros specializes in - it's just a different kind of Thai - more unusual - although I bet their green curry is pretty good.

              How was it?

              1. re: bbulkow

                It was fantastic! I had to order the green curry and it was absolutely the best I have ever had. Perfect balance of sweetness, salty fish sauce and a wonderful curry paste that I think they make themselves. Beautiful, really fresh and perfectly cooked thai eggplant. Carrots! Loved it. Very very spicy. My son had the pork belly and that was outstanding. We also ordered the glass noodle salad (pad woon sen) and it was to die for. Very fresh and different. It had tiny dried shrimp and ground pork in it. Lots of cilantro. Wood ear mushrooms.......Just delicious.

                We walked to the restaurant and took a cab home. What a great night!


                1. re: Willa

                  Thanks for reporting back - my last trip to Lers Ros was about 10 months ago, and I left feeling unimpressed. But this post makes me want to give it another try!

                  1. re: Dave MP

                    I have eaten there only 3 times now, and have left underwhelmed each time, myself. I figure it's because I'm not ordering well, even with all the board help on the topic. I thought Willa would like it, and looks like I was right.