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Jan 20, 2013 07:10 PM

Boston restaurant to buyout for a wedding

Looking for unique restaurants in Boston that have a buyout option or have room for ~125 guests. Anyone have any good ideas or been to any weddings in restaurants lately?

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  1. Formal? informal? ethnic? Many places "close for a private party" so it would help to give us some guidance on your vision of the food and atmosphere.

    For example, I saw a note on the Myers + Chang website that they would be closed all day on January 28th for a private event.

    For some of my friends, that would be a fun place for a small wedding and the food would be wonderful but for a different couple I might recommend the Library Room at L'Espalier.


    1. What Penny said, plus: I'm not sure the capacity, but a colleague had her rehearsal dinner at Oleana and was very happy.

      1. What about 28 Degrees? They too often are closed for private events.

        1. Such great ideas already!

          I will ideally be having the ceremony and reception at the same place. I am looking for a place that has a nice atmosphere, with interesting decor (for pictures) or maybe a view of the water.

          As far as food goes, I would want steak, fish, chicken, etc.. and a fabulous bar. I really want the food and drinks to be top notch.

          I am not totally sold on a sit down dinner. So if a place has room for a dance floor, but not enough room for a full sit down dinner I wouldn't be against passed appetizers and a station or two set up for food.

          Drink, Food quality, and dancing are my top priorities.

          (I already tried to post a similar message but it didn't go through, so hopefully this one does.)

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            125 + a dance floor requires a pretty big space.but if that's not carved in stone, i'll add bistro du midi, scampo and davio's to this list. if you want more basic food but a lovely space, ruth's chris might work.

            the state room, boston harbor hotel, the ritz and the four seasons all have spaces with spectacular views and dancing space but they will all charge you room rentals and for waitstaff on top of food and drink.

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              Let's meet very soon do that I can be invited!

              1. Les Zygomates could be an option, although I'm not sure what their capacity is. The have several rooms, which could accomodate having the ceremony and then switching over for cocktail hour, etc. You'd probably be hard pressed to have a real dance floor there. State Room is best for all that you are asking, including water view, capacity and dance floors.

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