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Jan 20, 2013 06:22 PM

Georgian bread coming to King's Highway

Not sure if the official name is "Brick Oven Bread" or whether that's a large-type description of a business called "We Are Georgian" or perhaps even "Giorgi & Aunt Inc." Still under construction as of this weekend, so also not sure if any dine-in option will be available. Gives off a grocery-market vibe, but we can always hope for a ledge along one wall, and a few seats.

Dave Cook

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  1. Dave, have you been to Brick Oven Bread in Brighton recently? Wonderful khachapuri made with a nice, sharp sulguni -- both the large, tandoor-baked disks and a less-common-in-new-york penovani khachapuri, made from a puff-pastry-like dough. I haven't been able to make it out since before Sandy, still a bit worried about a potential closing.

    I wonder if this might be a related business, or just the usual adventures in overlapping nomenclature.

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    1. re: theeatenpath

      weve been to brick oven bread since sandy - its open.

      1. re: jen kalb

        Thanks for the confirmation, Jen! I look forward to make a khachapuri trek to both.

        1. re: theeatenpath

          If you're making a day of khachapuri, James, also consider stopping by the Armenian-owned Brooklyn Bread House, 1718 Jerome Ave., in Sheepshead Bay. They prepare several configurations of khachapuri (a weekend would be your best bet), including the variety called adgarski, or adjaruli. It's the one shaped like an open boat, with an egg on top.

          Dave Cook

          1. re: DaveCook

            ChiefHDB and I had the adjaruli at Brooklyn Bread House last weekend, and it made for a wonderful breakfast! I'm hoping to try the same variant (listed as "guruli") at nearby Apani the next time I head south. Trying to get a handle on when that's typically available.

    2. As of today, still not open, but they do have tables and chairs for 15 to 20 diners.

      Dave Cook

      1. Brick Oven Bread is finally open; in fact, they've been doing business for several weeks. My periodic phone calls had been directed to the number on the awning, but that, sadly, was a misprint. You can sit down to try multiple Georgian cheesebreads at 230 Kings Highway (West 9th-West 10th Sts.), in Gravesend, Brooklyn; 718-759-6250.

        Dave Cook

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          Great news, thanks. Wonder if the two Brick Oven Breads are related.

          1. re: DaveCook

            Seems Apani also calls its version acharuli (and advises calling ahead if you want to try it) ...