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Jan 20, 2013 06:18 PM

February’s Cookbook of the Month will be “Bistro Cooking At Home” by Gordon Hamersley

This author runs a very well-thought-of restaurant in Boston. (I saw a breathless headline, something like "Obama visits Hamersley's Bistro, eats meat and potatoes.")
I do have this book (if anybody needs paraphrasing, just ask) and it looks great. The author likes "simmering, braising, roasting" -- cooking you can walk away from. Nice, but haha I noticed some other cooking terms too, like candied pistachios and shaved apples and souffléed Roquefort. It will be interesting!
On February 1st I'll put up a thread for our reports.

A few online recipes :

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  1. I was hoping for Burma, but since I can't cook this month, maybe this is a good thing and Burma will prevail at a later date.

    1. I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! My book arrived in yesterday's mail and I've marked maybe 4 dozen recipes already! Also, almost all the recipes have ingredients I can buy in my normal grocery stores, since I don't have good access to ethnic or specialty groceries, that's huge for me. Again, so thrilled that it won :)

      1. Great work blue room! Thanks so much.
        I'm looking forward to February!

        1. Yaaaayyyy!!!

          I'm also willing to help with paraphrasing recipes.

          1. As Pikawika, I was hoping for Burma and an excuse to buy it since I am at least four months away from getting it from the library. But maybe for the best since I have a surgery scheduled for the end of january and most likely won't be cooking much. It will be interesting to see if Burma comes up again or will be forgotten as many did before it.

            I will be lurking and if a dish tempts me, I'll ask for paraphrase - thanks for the offer, Blue Room!