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Jan 20, 2013 05:55 PM

Digestive tea in more Teaopia

I used to purchase Teaopia's After Lunch Tea for mr bc but since Teavana took over, that tea has been dropped.

After lunch tea was especially helpful in eliminating his acid reflux.

Teaopia described After Lunch Tea as: After Lunch is the perfect combination of melissa, tulsi, apple pieces, peppermint leaves, liquorice root, camomile, fennel, caraway, rosemary and marigold petals. The vanilla-anise flavour of this all natural blend is the perfect way to relieve any post-meal ailments safely and caffeine free.

I picked up Le Digestif from David's Tea and while he likes it, he doesn't feel it's as effective as After Lunch.

Any suggestions on other teas we could purchase locally?

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  1. This tea from Tealish sounds like it might be up your alley.

    Or you could also try House of Tea as well.

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      Thanks very much deabot. Tealish has a lovely selection of teas. I ordered the digestive tea you recommended for mr has many similar ingredients. I also ordered a delicious sounding coconut green tea for me (as a reward!!) - sincere thanks!

    2. Has he tried just straight camomile?

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        No he hasn't graydyn, is that supposed to be a digestive aid?

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          Yes chamomile settles the stomach. FYI-Beatrix Potter was feeding it to Benjamin bunny for his ailments.

      2. I found Le Digestif from David's Tea great for after a big meal myself, but I don't have a medical problem.
        If you have the ingredients of the tea he liked, why not get the herbs in bulk and mix it yourself?
        Failing that, any of the teas that have peppermit, ginger, fennel, licorice will help a little. Digestive enzymes you can get at a ealth food store will probably work even better.

        1. I purchased a tea from the Republic of Tea called Get Relaxed. It contains lavender, rose petals, organic rooibos, chamomile passionflower, eleuthero root. It all sounds too much but it was so delicately flavoured and three of us in the family absolutely loved it. In particular my Dad has some nausea because of dialysis and he found it was very gentle for his stomach. I also purchased a Chai tea and thoroughly enjoyed it. FYI I usually only drink black teas, I am really hard to please in the tea department and usually do not stray to herbal teas.

          1. Does the tea have to be herbal?

            I would suggest any type of pu'erh tea (a traditional aged Chinese black tea). It's typically served at dim sum joints. I grew up on the stuff and its great for digesting after meals. I terms of caffeine it's pretty much on par with black tea, but if you steep it longer it can contain more. It's got a stronger, earthier taste but DAVIDsTEA has some pretty great flavoured ones.

            Some folks also find that oolongs also help with digestion, as well as any jasmine green tea.