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Do you partially precook your pizza crust?

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I've not been happy with mine. The flavor is good but the crust is really hard to cut when the pizza is done.

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  1. I top then bake. I've tried pre-baking and have found it to be needless. The one exception is when my husband is craving one of his super topped pizzas,

    1. I never prebake my pizza crusts.

      What's your dough recipe? Fermentation time?

      I find the toughest doughs are usually made same day, with little fermentation/less flavor.

      1. I've heard of people precooking the toppings, but not the crust.

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          only if I don't want my topping cooked, or very lightly cooked like proscuitto and basil.

          1. I precook sausage, onions and some other meats, but the crust never.