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Jan 20, 2013 05:19 PM

Ooooh - Limequats at the Wedge!

At least, the Wedge had lots of limequats a few days ago. I've already made a limequat drop cocktail (like a lemon drop, but with limequat juice and the peel/pith as garnish) and sauteed turkey tenderloin with limequats and cranberries. And I started a vodka-limequat infusion.

More discussion of limequats is in this thread:

By the way, these so-called limequats were very yellow, and looked like they should be called "lemonquats". But who cares - they're DELICIOUS!!!! Run out and get your own (if they're still available).

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  1. Would you share your vodka infusion technique? Would be a lovely thing to make to get through this long winter!

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    1. re: jaycooke

      I don't have a recipe - I just toss the chopped limequats, skin and all (because the skin is the sweet part), in a bottle of vodka, then try to ignore it for a few weeks. For more useful information on citrus infusions, see the Spirits board, including posts like these:

    2. I've made a kumquat caipirinha, which is traditionally made with limes. I'll have to amend to try a limequat version.

      1. Was at the Wedge on Saturday and they still had Limequats (super sour to those unfamiliar), but they also had Mandarinquats! Loved them. Would love to have a smoothie / glass of juice from it. Sweet with just a hint of twang.

        1. It's only November, but the 2014 limequats are here already. I saw them at Seward Co-op today. Limequat-infused vodka is in my future!

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          1. re: AnneInMpls

            Hmm, I still have a bottle from the last time you posted... Wonder if it is still good.

            1. re: jaycooke

              If your bottle is only a year old, it's still good. In fact, I have a few tablespoons left of my 2013 limequat vodka. So it's the perfect time to start some more.