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Jan 20, 2013 05:17 PM

Athenian Corner in Lowell

I feel sad to write this review since I have been a loyal patron for a very long time. I can only hope that one of the family members reads this. In general the Merrimack Valley is lacking in authentic Greek restaurants given the number of people of Greek heritage in the area. There are only two authentic and family run Greek restaurants and they are in Lowell: The Olympia and The Athenian Corner. I have always preferred the Athenian Corner to the Olympia...just personal preference being of Greek heritage. That being said, the Athenian Corner has been so very bad in its food preparation for a long time, I feel I must write a review.
Food is or take-out. It is the same. Moussaka and Patsitsio contains only ground beef and no lamb....I am Greek so do not try to trick me! A greek salad does not consist of a few fine crumbles of feta... used to be a slice of feta. Egg lemon soup should not be as thich as stew without the egg lemon broth.
In general, the entire restaurant is very much need of Robert Irvines's help!!! Pulling up to the parking lot with a Baine's Exterminator car parked in the front of the restaurant does not help.
I will be trying the Olympia from now on :)

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  1. in fairness, that little baine car owner lives downtown someplace. the owners can't be held accountable for who parks on a public street. :)

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      Thanks Hoytoy...I did not know this and I apologize for my assumption :) However, thet do need a revamp!

    2. We stopped into Olympia this past Saturday and found it to be quite good. Not the best Greek restaurant I've ever been to but a decent offering of very traditional Greek fare from a spot that's been in biz for 60 years. Decor is EXACTLY what I expected.
      Started with the Avgolemono Soup (Egg Lemon) which was a weak point. Very thin broth and too much rice.
      The Taramasolata however was great. Generous portion with a nice acidic punch and plenty of pita toast points for dipping.
      I had the Lamb and Chicken kabob which was perfectly cooked and served with a nice helping of rice with a Greek tomato sauce and roast potatoes.

      I have a rule... If Galaktaboureko is on the menu... I will order it. This one did not disappoint. Another generous portion, creamy custard wrapped in phyllo and topped with honey and rose water. The perfect ending to a satisfying meal.

      1. For a change of pace, try the Athens in Manchester NH. Good, solid New Hampshire Greek cooking.