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Jan 20, 2013 05:02 PM

Hoof Cafe Brunch v2.0

Hoof Cafe reopened today, at the Raw Bar space. Open Thursdays to Sundays. I think it's more "composed dishes" than the old Hoof cafe: everything is in the $12 to $18 range and consists of eggs, protein, and starch. The octo and grits was outstanding, with a delicious piquillo sauce for balance. Beef heart with bone marrow scrambled eggs was slightly underseasoned, heart was cooked perfectly. Bombay hash with smoked mackerel was my favourite in terms of overall flavour, if only the dish was a bit hotter (temperature wise).

Other items include the Tongue Benny, the Blood Sausage McMuffin, Cassoulet, Sweetbreads and Waffles, and a Big Salad. Expect the place to be packed, and I'm praying the donuts would make a come back.

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    1. re: MissBingBing

      Thurs-Sat: 10-3
      Sun: 10-4

      I am mad excited my favourite brunch place in the city is backkkk.

      1. re: PhilH

        I'm thinking I may need to camp out the night before! I expect the lines to be LONG!

        1. re: JennaBean

          I'm trying to level expectations. Hopgood drove the Hoof Cafe and well... he's got his own thing now.

          1. re: jlunar


            Frankly I wasn't completely a fan of the original due to service issues (the first time we went our server was so brutally hung over you could almost see the funk lines rising off him and it was reflected in the service) and an almost complete failure to understand the importance of coffee to brunch, especially early brunch.

            Both the "executive chef" and the "chef du cuisine" who were behind the original version are long, long gone.

            It's quite possible this could still be great, but if it is it's got nothing to do with the previous version other than having the one non-culinary business partner in common.

            1. re: jlunar

              that being said, i wasn't in love with what he did with brunch at his own spot. it was nice, but it didn't have the extra interesting flare that the hoof cafe had. excellent execution though... maybe a touch sweet.

              i'm likely to tuck in at my usual times - friday mornings. no service issues, generally quiet and empty. kind of a blissful way to start the day.

      2. WAaaaaaat. !!!!!!!!!!

          1. re: Bobby Wham

            Currently, Cafe is just a "pop-up" in that space.

            1. re: Bobby Wham

              Cafe during the day, Raw bar in the evening.

              1. re: Bobby Wham

                Maybe it's short term, but when I was at raw bar last Friday, the menu was pared down. Much less items than before, perhaps because of the work involved for brunch.

                1. re: aser

                  That's really too bad. I loved Raw Bar and the food coming out of that kitchen.

              2. Chef at Hoof Cafe is named Cio. Excellent cassoulet for only $12. Blood sausage "McMuffin" was over seasoned but they comp'd it. $9 Caesars/Bloody Marys with interesting ingredients. Well done, Hoof!
                Server says that Raw Bar menu is limited to snacks and light items, not full meals.
                So far, the place is mostly empty off-peak hours. I suppose not everyone can go for a weekday brunch.

                1. went this morning, between the table we had the octopus and grits, tongue benny, sweetbread waffle and coffee/tea/juice

                  food was all quite good. octopus and grits was delicious, served with a poached egg (that i assume was cooked in an immersion circulator due to the consistency/texture, i appreciate the attempt but it just wasn't as good as a normal poached egg, someone please correct me if i'm wrong on this but either way the egg wasn't that great) and a piquillo pepper sauce. octopus was lightly coated in breadcrumbs or something and fried, very tender and delicious, grits were appropriately cheesy and garnished with some kind of microgreens, the pepper sauce was good but i would prefer more of a kick, but that's just me.

                  tongue benny was basically the tongue sandwich from the hoof minus a piece of bread, and plus the same eggs as the octopus and hollandaise, i only had a couple bites of this but it was well done, everything seemed correctly seasoned and the hollandaise was tasty. not awe-inspiring but good

                  the sweetbreads were breaded and fried and seemed underseasoned to me but i didn't have a big taste. waffle was tasty, a nice play on the (what i have always found dull) standard chicken & waffle, but i usually don't go for sweets at breakfast so it was a bit lost on me, it was topped with some kind of syrup based sauce that might've been spicy? i don't really remember.

                  coffee was a large french press of sam james for eight bucks, we got about four small cups out of it, i would've gladly had a couple more but not for eight bucks. oh and a smallish cranberry juice that i assume was fresh was five bucks (FIVE BUCKS!!!) which seems a bit steep to me, but what do i know about juice?

                  overall a very tasty meal and i'll be back next week to try a couple other things. boom

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                  1. re: disgusti

                    Amazing, can't wait to check this out
                    What's the price range? $10-$18?

                        1. re: JennaBean

                          I was there yesterday. I also was not impressed with the McMuffin. Had the heart and eggs. They scramble the eggs with bone marrow! Delish.