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Jan 24, 2006 12:52 AM


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Where might three couples renting a house for the weekend have a nice dinner in the Mendocino area?

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  1. Victorian Dining Room in the Mendocino Hotel. Look for my review in an earlier post.

    1. We had a very nice dinner at Cafe Beaujolais. The sturgeon was fantastic! They have their menu on their website. A bit pricey, but very good.


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        cafe beaujolais closed til 2/10, alas.

      2. I love the Mendo Bistro, which is actually about 7 miles north in Fort Bragg. It's got a beautiful, open dining room and excellent food. Though I think it easily rivals the Mendocino Hotel or some of the other spots in Mendocino Village, it's more affordable (not terrifically, but enough to make a difference).