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Jan 20, 2013 03:14 PM

Fever Tree Bitter Lemon - availability in Boston area?

I know from time to time I have bought Fever Tree tonic water -- but I can never seem to find it when I'm actually looking for it. In particular, I'm looking for the tonic waters and the bitter lemon. I've tried various liquor stores, Roche Bros., Stop & Shop, Martignetti's, to no avail. Can anyone remind me where I can find this line on a reliable basis?

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  1. Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square.

    1. I have seen both Fever Tree and Q brand in the Shaws/Star (forget which) on Mt Auburn by the Cambridge/Watertown/Belmont line.

      1. I buy it at Whole Foods, either Fresh Pond or Woburn. The bitter lemon in particular is awesome.

        1. Whole Foods on River Street in Cambridgeport.

          If you're looking for Schweppes Bitter Lemon, no longer distributed in the US, try Tropical Market in Roxbury, in the store's Jamaican section.

          1. I will try Shaw's/Star as the second reply indicates. I've decided after the most recent meltdowns by the CEO that I can no longer patronize Whole Foods.

            And I do go by Dave's Fresh Pasta regularly -- I'd rather buy there than at Shaw's.

            It just seems odd to me that I can't find Fever Tree at Martignetti's or Kappy's or Marty's.

            For tonic water, I've been mixing my own from Tomr's or Jack Rudy's syrups -- but I do want the Fever Tree Bitter Lemon.

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              If you're not averse to mixing your own, the Bitterman's Commonwealth Tonic Liqueur is a really lovely option, just mix with seltzer: I got mine at Federal Wine and Spirits near Government Center.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                Thank you so much for this information. I picked up a bottle there today and also found the Bitterman's Tiki bitters.