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Jan 20, 2013 03:07 PM

1/19/13 SNL Top Chef spoof

Saturday Night Live's take was "Top Dog Chef", starring Padma LeashMe,
Tom Collie-chio, and Mario Barktali (I'd have gone with Bataili). The dog contestants' dishes included vomit, garbage, and foam ("I have rabies").
A routine for the ages, no, but an amusing diversion, especially when all the performers went berserk at the sound of a doorbell.

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  1. It was ok. Usually the sketches after Weekend Update are weaker.

    I liked the earlier sketch about the 50's diner with the sassily insulting waitresses, (like American Grafitti or Happy Days.) The catch was Jennifer Lawrence played a waitress whose insults were just mean and vicious, ("I Hate You", "You Will Die In The Bathroom.")

    1. I chuckled. Cant remember the specifics, but you could tell the writer was pretty familiar with the show.

      1. That was when I opted to turn off and go to bed.

        Have to agree with Syrup the diner sketch was much better.

        1. Hated it. Nicest word I could use is "silly".

          1. Lol. I thought it was great. And Jennifer certainly nailed Padma's stick-up-the-butt stiffness.