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Jan 20, 2013 03:03 PM

Looking spicy/authentic Szechuan in SGV! Which of these options (or others I've missed) do you recommend?

My husband and I are heading to SGV tonight (finally!) to satisfy my craving for Szechuan. I'm looking for authenticity and heat (it seems they may go hand in hand).

I've been researching the boards and so far it seems that Yunnan Garden, Yun Chuan Garden, and Chung King (with caveats it appears) are common recommendations.

Which one should we choose? Are there better options I've overlooked?


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  1. I don't know about authenticity due to its controversial meaning and my limited knowledge on Szechuan cuisine, but the dan dan mian at Lucky Noodle King on Valley in San Gabriel curled my toes. The noodles were awe-inspiring and the all the components married together perfectly for me. The twice-cooked pork was memorable as was the Chong Qing fried chicken - it's served with a mountain of chiles. I've never had the hot pot there - or at any other Sichuan place - it's just looks like liquid magma in a hot pot.

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      Thank you! I just looked up their menu and the Fagara hot pot looks incredible! I'm assuming the dan dan mian is made with pork, which unfortunately, I can't eat. :( Their Chong Qing chicken looks excellent, though! I'll have to add Lucky Noddle King to my list!

      1. re: SherlockNoms

        Another big fan of Lucky Noodle King. Never too crowded and wonderful food. I even think you could get the dan dan mien without pork if you asked.

        1. re: banjoboy

          Just came back from Lucky Noodle! Thank you both for the recommendation! It was delicious! We ordered the fagara hot pot (although I think we ended up with the spicy fish, which was still amazing), braised beef noodles, and chong quig chicken. The hot pot was flavorful and subtly spicy, although I could have used a tad more heat. The beef noodle soup was excellent! The noodles were perfectly chewy and the beef was tender. I found the Chongqing chicken to be the least impressive dish. It was good, but nothing spectacular. All in all, our meal was thoroughly enjoyable!

          1. re: SherlockNoms

            Lucky Noodle King's noodles are nice and toothsome. They use fresh noodles which I think makes a huge difference, and seems to be more and more available in the SGV. I forgot to mention the beef noodles and I'm glad you ordered it.

            1. re: bulavinaka

              We went back to Lucky Noodle tonight and it was just as good. Unfortunately, they're out of the crazy flavor eel, but we had the water boiled fish, which was DELICIOUS! Big thanks for the recommendation!

              1. re: bulavinaka

                Toothsome means 'tasty', not 'chewy' or 'al dente', just in case that's what you meant. They will happily make the dandanmian without meat. The Sichuan cold noodles are also good, and can also be made meatless.

                If you're willing to drive out east, check out Chuan Ma Noodle House, new place by the former (current?) owner of No. 1 Noodle house in Rowland Heights.

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                  That's what I get for attending public schools...

                  1. re: will47

                    Well, maybe bulavinaka meant that Lucky Noodle King's noodles are nice and "tasty".

                    Malapropism aside, the cold mung bean noodle salad is the thing to get at Lucky Noodle. It is both toothsome, and al dente in a way that only glass noodles can be ...