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Jan 20, 2013 02:42 PM

Parchment paper! I put that sh!t under everything!

I've used parchment under cookies and so forth for a long time, and have always been happy with the results. A couple of months ago, I used it instead of foil (for no particular reason) in a roasted potato recipe that I've made for years-- wow! No sticking! No swearing! No torn-off lovely crisp edges! Today, it was under some roasted wings, and once again I am delighted with the results. I feel both stupid and really, really pleased. So this is my Ode to Parchment.

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  1. I join your parchment paper-love! Not only for the great results roasting, baking and reheating bread but the paper saves me so much clean up time and saves my pans!

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      Plus, the whole lineup of food cooked in parchment, fish especially delicious prepared this way.

    2. Also a BIG fan of parchment paper! I use it on baking sheets for cookies.. or even just under something to catch possible dribble overs. Made pan of brownies this afternoon... lined pan with parchment, so I could just lift out of "non-stick" pan. Ya don't wannt CUT into pieces in NS pan, or pry pieces out.

      During holiday season, made MANY batches of cookies with 4 pieces of PP... could even have saved and used again.

      1. Right with you! I just recently started using it for roasted vegetables. Clean up is so much easier - no more scrubbing incinerated bits off of the baking sheets.

        1. I'm a recent convert, and bought my first roll ever in December. Used it to reheat latkes and bake butter cookies. Very pleased. And thanks for the reminder about fish in parchment, HillJ. That's definitely going into the rotation.

          1. If it wasn't for parchment paper, we would have stopped making pizzas from scratch a long time ago.