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Jan 20, 2013 02:42 PM


Surprised there's been no discussion of Bentonville with the relatively new museum of American art there. Surely there must be at least some 'que thereabouts, and somewhere nicer for the visiting Wally World execs to eat. (I prefer the former, but will listen to discussion of the latter.)

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  1. I'm in Bentonville on a short-term assignment right now. I'm staying near the W World HQ. Have been too busy to venture out much, but this weekend I'm planning to try Tusks and Trotters, for sure.

    I went to the Flying Fish on the square for dinner the other night. The atmosphere and service were great (think 1950's to 60's diner style with good blues playing the whole time.) The theme is hokey, but fun. The entire staff when I was there seemed to be Latino, but the atmosphere doesn't seem like one created by the Latino culture.

    Unfortunately, they serve mainly catfish, and catfish is one of the few foods to which I have an aversion. But they also have Grouper and Tilapia. I opted for a basket of fried Grouper--it came with fries and two hushpuppies. Overall, everything was good, but the breading was not at all to my liking. They use a heavy, dense cornmeal crust and by the time they finish deep-frying it, it's a bit like cornmeal concrete. The fish inside was tender and moist but lost in the outside armour. Fries were okay and the hushpuppies were yummie. I plan to give Flying Fish another try--this time I will opt for grilled fish and order more hushpuppies.

    I watched a couple having quite a feast at another table. They started with a big plate of oysters on the half. Not sure I would order oysters in Bentonville at a fast-food style restaurant, but hey, to each his own.

    I'm off to the wars again. Will update as this assignment plays out.

    1. Thank goodness. I was amazed to think that no one in this large group had been to the W World museum (I gotta look up the proper name....) I look forward to updates. Thank you!

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        The museum's name is Crystal Bridges. It is excellent, the setting for the museum is incredible considering it is right in the heart of town.

        I have dined at Tusk and Trotter and the food was very good, the service was a bit slow. I was a solo diner sitting at the bar and the bartender had a group of friends hanging out he seemed much more interested in.

        There is another new restaurant in the NWA called 28 Springs in old downtown Siloam Springs. If you stay on the highway you will miss it. Went for Sunday brunch and was very happy. THey change the menu frequently so what I had is no longer on the menu. There was a jazz combo playing and they were entertaining. The volumn was not so loud you could not have a conversation with out raising your voice to be heard. Plus they were just darn good musicians. This place is owned by Miles James who also has James at the Mill down between Springdale and Fayetteville. A bit out of the way but well worth the drive.

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          Thanks for that; Crystal Bridges had slipped my squash there when I wrote the inquiry. All good to know.

      2. I'm hoping someone has tried The Hive at the 21 c hotel. "Refined country cuisine" does not rock my boat but they do serve rabbit.

        Fortunately Farmers Market season is once again upon us so I have an excuse to hit Crepes Paulette. For anyone who hasn't tried them yet, they are a delicious crepe wrap sandwich truck on (or a block away from) the square.

        Barbeque? I have yet to find anything earthshaking here. Smokin Joes has been around for years but I'm partial to Whole Hog on Walnut.

        1. I'm busy planning our 4th of July trip to Bentonville.

          Found this:

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            Very good, and thank you for that. Keep hoping to get down this fall.

          2. Take a drive to Johnson and try James at the Mill. Elegant and delicious southern gourmet.