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Jan 20, 2013 02:37 PM

Beachland Tavern in West Hartford-good food but what's with the blaring radio?

I've been to Beachland Tavern on New Britain Ave. in West Hartford three times. Each time I ordered the seared salmon sandwich with a side of garlic mashed potatoes--really delish.

The problem is the music. They have a radio blaring, and I mean blaring (including obnoxious radio-commericals). The first two times I was there my dining partner and I asked them to turn the radio down. On the second occasion we had to ask them a second time before they turned it down a notch.

On all three visits, we were either the only ones in the dining room (the bar area was a tad busier) or there was only one other booth occupied. What are they thinking blaring the radio and then ignoring requests to turn it down? It was so loud that it was difficult to have a conversation.

Today I again enjoyed the food, but decided to not even ask them to turn the radio down as it's such a drag on the dining experience to have to constantly complain. (again today an empty dining room)

It's a shame because the food is really good and the wait staff seem nice, but the crazy noise in that cavernous and always empty dining room is so unpleasant I don't think I'll be going back soon.

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  1. You're right -- they either are using a Sirius or a plain FM radio. Restaurant music subscriptions don't include commercials (but can be just as annoying if played loudly).

    To their credit, I've been there twice and it hasn't been that dreadfully loud but they have to get over playing the sound at "crowd" levels when there is no crowd in the restaurant. If they wanna run a bar, make the whole place a bar -- then you can blast music all you want.

    1. We had some appy's there recently and thought they were described better on the menu than they actually tasted. We had the steak and cheese eggrolls and the burnt ends and my SO had a salad. It was all meh...