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Jan 20, 2013 01:11 PM

Inexpensive good eats in Lahaina

Looking for inexpensive good eats-hole in the walls in Lahaina maybe where the locals hang

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  1. Local Food and Ululani's Shave Ice for sure. Better for lunch followed by an afternoon snack. They close by the end of the business day & don't serve dinner.

    I've heard good things about Star Noodle, Nagasako Okazuya, and Olowalu General Store.

    1. I don't eat much at one seating, so I like Lahaina Coolers for their appetizer small plates. The grilled shrimp are especially good. Farther south is the funky Kihei Caffe, a surfer dive serving great and inexpensive breakfasts. We always hit it at least once per visit. Capt. Jack's on Front Street in Old Lahaina Town serves a decent breakfast, as well.

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        Agreed. We love Lahina Coolers. It also has the best hot sauce I've ever had. They sell it for $10 a bottle.

        They need to market that stuff.

      2. In Lahaina there is the Sunrise Café, Pioneer Inn, Ono Kau Kau, Local Food and Nagasako Okazu Ya Deli.

        Star Noodle is good, but not inexpensive and with the fame of their chef spreading (Top Chef Seattle) not unknown or a hole-in-the-wall.