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Jan 20, 2013 11:59 AM

Pan-fried or broiled lump crab cakes

Any good tips to pan fry lump crab cakes (minimal filler)? Butter vs oil? How long per side? TIA.

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  1. You will get legions of differing opinions because there are so many “right” ways to mix and cook a crab cake. IMO, giving crusty edges to bare crabmeat ruins it. A gentle coating of crumbs and pan frying is my favorite way to keep the crab the star.

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      I'm with you Terrie H, I prefer my "lump meat" right out of boiled or steamed crabs, anything (if any) leftover goes into She Crab Soup, Gumbo, Crab Omelette or Crab Cakes. There is a recipe in one of the River Road cookbooks for Crawfish Claw Soup, made from the claws remaining after a Crawfish Boil. I substituted crab legs and gave it a try, outstanding!! Funny thing, I just came topside after knitting a couple crab nets and stumbled on this thread.

    2. Actually, I neither pan-fry or broil my crab cakes. I prefer to bake them.

      1. My grandmother' crabcakes were KILLER. Very little filler. Finely diced onions and bell peppers, some mayo, and handful of bread crumbs. Once formed into balls, into fridge to chill and set up. Then rolled in beaten egg & seasoned bread crumbs... flattened into patties. She ALWAYS used bacon grease to cook them in... that's the way I do them. ONly a few adaptations from her recipe. Don't think she ever had hot sauce?? I like home-made cocktail sauce, but like mine almost PINK... LOTS of horseradish.

        1. I used to bake them but they were often dry and so I thought I'd try a new method tonight (never had any luck with pan fried as we prefer a mostly large lump cake with minimal filler and it always falls apart). Tonight, I went with baking since I something else happened to need to be in the oven as well. I did 450 for 12 minutes but when the rest of the meal was finished the cakes weren't yet warmed and browned so I switched to broil for 5 minutes and they were perfect! Oh, I did add the smallest dab of butter to the top of each to hopefully prevent the drying issue.

          I'd still like to hear your other favorite prep methods.