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Jan 20, 2013 11:45 AM

An article in 2/13 Bon Appetit so crazy I thought it was a joke!!!

Reading through the latest Bon Appetit this morning I came across an interview with interior designer Kelly Wearstler. The more I read, the more annoyed and disturbed I became.

The magazine chose to interview someone who doesn't eat solid food during the day and finds her energy by 'juicing'. She fuels up with 'alkaline water with cayenne extract' and water with 'drops of plankton'!!! She won't drink pineapple or orange juice - too much sugar yet she starts EVERY morning with a bootcamp workout that she reports, burns 800 calories.

So wrong on so many levels. What is most disturbing is that the magazine chose to showcase someone who exhibits the traits of a person with a eating disorder. Really, in a food lover's magazine? I am dying to try her recipe for alkaline water. Yum. Clearly this was a mistake and meant for the April Fool's edition.

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  1. Such a regimen is bound to be self-limiting.

    1. I literally just read that in Bon Appetit and immediately came to chowhound to see if anyone was talking about it. The minute I saw the title of your post, I knew it was about the same article.

      Just totally strange and off-putting, the whole tone of the interview is weird. For the last question BA asks what she likes to wear to bed (why?!?), giving her the perfect opportunity to describe the small robe and Cosabella thong she likes to wear! Too much information for Cosmo, why am I reading this in a food magazine?

      Felt like I was taking crazy pills, glad I'm not the only one who thought it was weird.

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      1. re: mjhals

        Has BA started featuring perfume scent strips?

        1. re: Jay F

          A long time go, not so much lately. I used to have to tear them out and let the magazine air out before I could read it.

          1. re: BeefeaterRocks

            Me too BRocks - I'm allergic to perfume!

            1. re: Jeanne

              a friend of mine calls that deboning the magazine. Cracks me up. But I'm with you -- allergies and perfume ads are not a good combination.

              Now...for a cooking magazine? Give me a strip that smells like wine...or mushrooms...or fresh herbs....

      2. Someone else beat you with this complaint :)

        Sounds like this would fit in their 'My morning routine' online section

        1. mjhais- Agreed. What else is even more bizarre about the PJ's comment is she says, 'my husband is like, 'Ooooh." and I'm like "Sorrrrry.'. So what (and I really shouldn't care) is she trying to say here!!??? Also weird/sad that when BA asks if she cooks or bakes she says she's 'not the bake sale type but once in a while will make challah French toast for her sons'. Meaning she probably wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

          paulj- Didn't see it buried in there.

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          1. re: SoupRQT

            There is a whole lotta wrong crammed into ten or so questions.

          2. I read it today, too, and had the same reaction. I found it an odd choice, and, at the very least, ironic that it was in the "Pasta!" issue.