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Where to buy a Blue Star Range

Hi, I'm looking to buy a Blue Star Range. It's hard to find pricing listed anywhere, so does anyone have suggestions for local stores (East Bay or SF) or online retailers?


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  1. did you look at Blue Star's website? They have several dealers, apparently, in the area. It really isn't hard to find this info there!!!!

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      yeah, i was hoping to get some personal experience with the stores. for example, i saw that airport appliance is listed as a local retailer, but then i've heard some pretty bad reviews about their service after the purchase. i guess I should have specified this in my post! :)

      looking for local stores on online retailers will good prices and service!

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        I saw them at Airport Applicance when I was shopping, though I ended up buying a Wolf. Does service really come from the dealer?

        Their web site doesn't show any service centers in California. Could be a bug on the Web site.

    2. We bought ours in Daly City:

      This was quite a few years ago, though, so not sure if anything's changed. At the time they were nice and helpful.

      1. I'll give highest marks to Mike Eros at Cherin's for best customer service at 727 Valencia Street, San Francisco 415-864-2111
        We purchased our Blue Star range January 2011.

        Before we made the final decision to purchase, we attended a hands-on demo in Berkeley that was inspiring.

        Do your research on exhaust hoods for your range...

        1. Contractors Appliance Source on Geary at Jordan carries Blue Star. The woman salesperson is excellent: knowledgeable and willing to look up answers to any questions she can't answer. Gladly give out relevant brochures. I don't know how competitive their pricing is.

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            Bluestar, like Wolf and many other high-end brands, does not allow discounting on their appliances. Unless you're buying a floor model, the pricing is similar all over CA.

            Nothing wrong with Airport Appliance, but they and a couple of other dealers don't do anything but drop it off at your doorstep. Pro-style ranges are very heavy and have specific install requirements (such as where the plug and gas lines must be located), so be sure to do your homework about what happens AFTER purchase.

          2. We bought ours at General Appliance in Berkeley, closed now. Every problem we have had has been able to be solved by purchasing parts online.

            1. As others have said, you don't get deals on any of the high-end ranges.

              It's my impression that the manufacturer provides the service. I just bought a Viking from Airport Appliance. I called the salesperson to tell her the oven wasn't holding temperature, and she said I would get a call from Viking. When the call didn't come, I went online and called Viking headquarters in Mississippi. Woman there directed me to the local distributor in Hayward. I left a message there expressing my frustration. Woman called back within three minutes and told me I would be getting a call from their local repair service. She also told me that if an Airport Appliances repair person called I should tell them not to come. Repair person contacted by Viking showed up the next day and fixed the oven.

              It's scary going online to research high-end ranges, because it doesn't seem to matter which one you check out: there are horror stories everywhere. I really liked Blue Star, but went with Viking mostly because they were offering a rebate.

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                It would probably be wise to phone Blue Star and ask them about service in California, since the closest service center listed on their Web site is Reno.

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                  There are over a dozen service centers listed in the Bay Area. There are four that they list as a "preferred Blue Star servicer".


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                    OK, it's a weird browser issue. California comes up blank for me in Firefox and MS Internet Explorer (though other states are fine) but works in Google Chrome.

              2. We got ours about a year ago from Airport Appliance. Like others mentioned the prices were all the same from various retailers, but we were stocking a kitchen remodel so the price for everything made them worthwhile.

                We've only had one service issue with the range, it needed calibration. Calling Airport Appliance directed to us to the distributor, and we got good service quickly.

                Note that every so often Blue Star has a small promo going -- free cookware or a custom range color. Calling up a retailer can let you know the next time they'll be doing this.

                1. Thanks everyone for all the helpful responses. It definitely helped to go into a store and to see/touch the range in person and talk to a sales person. I'm still shopping around a bit, but I did want to mention (for anyone else that might be looking) that there are a couple online retailers that ship to CA with better pricing - up to $1000 less when you consider free shipping and no tax. (appliance connection and aj madison are two online retailers that provided quotes.)

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                    Do the online dealers include installation in the price?

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                      No, the price is just for delivery to your door. We have contractors at our house that will be doing the installation for us, but that's a good point. If you go with an online retailer, you would probably need to have your own installation person.

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                        I think local dealer prices often include installation, so that's something to factor in when comparing prices.

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                          The other thing to remember is that BlueStar will not support any warranty or service work if you buy from an unauthorized dealer.

                          It's a bit of a scam in that they really try to control the pricing -- but could be a problem if anything goes wrong later on.

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                      Well, the no-tax thing is slowly going away. You are SUPPOSED to pay CA state sales tax but right now it's voluntary compliance, so most people do get away with not paying. However, I have heard reports on some folks getting caught by surprise when the vendor has reported the sale to the state's Equalization Board, and the customer later gets a bill in the mail for the tax!

                      Your contractor needs to be aware this is a really heavy stove! Unless they can attest they have moved a pro-style range before, you should not take an easy assent for granted. Also, many people have to remove the doors and grates to even get it into the house. Your floors need to be well-protected against scratches.

                      Be sure to get the White Glove Installation afterwards. Also, check the stove all over BEFORE you move it into the house. This is especially true if you have it shipped from an on-line vendor. Shipping damages in-transit are not uncommon.

                    3. We purchased from General Appliance in Berkeley as well, which is now a branch of Airport Appliance. At the time we selected GA over AA because of the overall level of service we were getting from the salesperson. We bought some other appliances from them as well.

                      We had one bit of service. Blue Star recommends that after installation one of their technicians comes to perform "white glove" service. Which is essentially checking and calibrating temperatures and making sure that installation was performed correctly. I believe they sent someone out from the San Bruno shop.

                      Sounds like you made your purchase decision already. We love our Blue Star. Peformance, design. The broiler is just great. I particularly like that it is easy to handle minor maintenance issues like replacing an igniter on our own.