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Jan 20, 2013 11:10 AM

Breakfast this morning @ Fred 62

I like their breakfast pretty well. My breakfast burrito was good, scrambled eggs and chorizo) but the habanero sauce on the top really sends it up a level or two. My son had the eggs in a hole and his girl friend had the waffle with strawberries and her mom got scrambled eggs with bacon. The best thing, by far is their hash browns. They have excellent hash browns by my yard stick. In fact these are the best hash browns I've had in LA in the last I don't know even how many years. I even ordered their "Hunka Hunka Burning Love" pancake with chocolate chips, peanut butter and bananas (with whipped cream and syrup) as a "table" plate for everyone to try. Man that thing was sweet, but wonderful too.

No reservations and seat yourself.

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  1. My partner and I went on our first date there. ;) I don't go often, but I think of it as a good place to nurse a hangover (solely based on my own projection, since I don't drink much). I can't recall distinctly what I've gotten there. That's actually not an insult (in this case), since I feel that it's sort of a comforting greasy spoon, where the food is certainly respectable but not necessarily the main attraction. The only thing that I was pretty "blah" there was their udon (I wasn't the one who ordered it....).

    Although, after reading about the hash browns, I might just have to try them the next time I'm there.

    I love the people watching there....

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      I have to award you an "above and beyond the call of duty" medal for ordering something like udon at Fred that takes bravado!! ;-D> If I lived closer I would do a lot more breakfasts here, especially given the quality of the hash browns. It does have good people watching for sure and the outside tables were all pretty full when we left with the weather being almost summer like. If you go again and try the hash browns I'll be interested in your take. My son's girlfriend got her's "well done" but I had mine done normally and I liked the normal version just fine as far as taste. Plus they came out piping hot, which is a problem at a lot of places where I find them too cooled off for me.

    2. Servorg, that's a helluva ride from the westside and back. Three bikes-for-two? All single bikes? One big group bike?

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        My wife was asleep so I "borrowed" her car... ;-D> Everyone else lives close by.

      2. In that area I would much rather go to Millie's.

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          I agree that the food at Millie's is better (and more creative to me) but the hash browns alone make Fred a chow worthy destination for breakfast for my taste, as I am more than a little in chow lust with great hash browns done right.