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Jan 20, 2013 10:40 AM

Anyone know and good Chinese food recipes?

I recently bought a wok and I've been craving to make some of my favorite Chinese dishes like Chicken and Broccoli, pork fried rice, wonton soup, egg/spring rolls. So far I've made General Tso chicken but it didn't seem to taste as good as the kind in restaurants and the sauce was a way to gelatin like. I'm also interested in some good dumpling recipes.
The one thing that concerns is that I have Sherry and some require dry sherry, seeing as they're both liquids, what's the difference?

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  1. milk and coffee are both liquids too.

    sweet sherry and dry sherry don't taste the same. Chinese recipes generally call for dry sherry.

    1. Starting with the last, there is a large range of sherries. "Dry" sherry usually means manzanilla, the driest, or fino, the next driest. Amantillado is called for in some recipes, but not in Chinese cooking, in my experience. Any other kind of sherry is useless for any cooking I would do. Do not be misled: "Dry Sack" is not a dry sherry, it is merely drier than the dessert sherries.

      The best dumpling recipe is in Henry Chung's Hunan Style Chinese Cookbook, now hard-to-find.

      Since you are new to Chinese cooking, I recommend you get a copy of Chang and Kutscher's Encyclopedia of Chinese Food and Cooking. It contains hundreds of basic Chinese recipes.

      1. Fuchsia Dunlop has some recipes online that are quite good. Look on Fuchsia's website for Gong Bao Chicken (kung pao chicken). I also like that recipe using beef or shrimp, although I skip the sichuan pepper. She also has a recipe on AARP's website called Cumin Beef. I usually skip the scallions in that recipe and use cilantro instead.

        I started with these books plus lots of youtube videos :

        Nancy McDermott- Quick and Easy Chinese.
        Grace Young- Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge.
        Fuchsia Dunlop- Land of Plenty.

        Books give good advice on technique, buying ingredients, etc. I'd be lost without cookbooks.

        1. I suggest looking at the Steamy Kitchen blog. I tried a couple of her recipes that turned out nicely.

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            Very good rec. I'm pretty sure that's where I learned how to make XLB.

            A few years ago a friend of mine wanted a simple, basic Chinese cookbook, not much money. He knew I was going to SF and asked me to look. I found one at the Wok Shop. Oops, just searched and can't find the particular one. But I'm sure OP can find something online at least. And, yes, Dunlop and Andrea Nguyen have things on line.

          2. Esteemed poster mamachef gave us all a Chinese cooking lesson awhile back:

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              I should have clicked your link before posting below Gretchen!! I didn't realize mamachef had posted that FoodNetwork Magazine recipe here. It's really is a good one and for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be on the FN site though a number of bloggers have posted it (no surprise!!) I've photocopied it several times to share w friends and co-workers.

              If anyone still has their old FN magazines that recipe is called "11,375 Stir-Fries" and is in the March 2010 edition and I actually think it's on p. 75 as I've made a note in my online recipe file. If you don't have the magazine you can still get an electronic copy on Zinio or, if you Google "11,375 Stir-Fries" you'll find lots of bloggers have shared it and, made a number of great recipes from it.

              I'm not much of a fan of the FN magazine now but for whatever reason, that was a good one. It also had a mini cookbook on pizzas inside and that too is good.

              Thanks for posting a link to that thread on Chinese Take-out Gretchen, I've saved it to my profile so I can read through it sometime. It was through a similar thread that I found links to some of my favourite websites for Asian recipes.

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                I didn't post it as the FN mag. recipe, Breadcrumbs, which is probably why you missed it. I posted it with some revisions that are a bit more to my taste, but yes; the format is essentially theirs.

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                  I don't know mamachef, I'm thinking I'd have missed it anyway because I'm finding the search function here on CH to be pernickety since the recent "upgrade"!!

                  It's great to have it here on CH though...such a great recipe!

                  ETA: In case folks are interested I'll paste a link to the original here since you've made your revisions mamachef. That's the joy of cooking isn't it!!: