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Palazzone 1960 Italian Pastry Shop in Wayne

O.M.G. I finally took a trip to this place today. This place is a winner. A WINNER.

I have complained on this and other boards about the state of bakeries in North Jersey. Most of the bakeries here either sell junk or have prices that are beyond ridiculous. ($40 for a small cake? My parents bought cars for less!)

This place is unlike any other bakery I've seen in this area. It's light, bright, and roomy inside. They have a long case with all kinds of pastries, cakes, and treats. The family/staff running the place are hardcore, full Italian. (In fact, they were speaking mostly Italian, but their English was certainly fine.) The few customers that were there all seemed to be Italian. And these people know good stuff.

And now for the best part. Not only is the quality of the treats incredible (even the cannolis are dotted on each end with candied orange peel), the prices are reasonable! I picked up a very nice Sacher torte for $16. $16. Not $45, you other greedy North Jersey bakeries, $16. Large, dense, fully filled pastries were $2 - $3 each. When I asked about a lemon custard tart, they actually offered me a full mini pastry version to try without blinking. How's that for service?

For $30, I got six large pastries and the Sacher torte. Lower quality, smaller portioned stuff would have probably cost close to double that in other places around here.

The only minor problem with this place is the location. It's where the old Maria's Ravioli Factory used to be, which is located just before Routes 80, 46, and 23 merge (YIKES). However, the access to the parking lot seems to have been greatly improved, with the entrance far more to the side on Rt. 23 than it used to be.

GO. TO. THIS. PLACE. NOW. Before the word really gets out, when you'll have to wait on Carlo's Bakery like lines and they raise their prices. I will be back very very soon.

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  1. Wow! I drove by there just yesterday. I didn't know what it was. Next time I am in the area I will stop by. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. You had me at candied orange peel. :-)

      Just Googled and found an article from a few weeks ago on Baristanet...
      "Giancarlo’s father ran a bakery in Clifton in the 1960s and 70s, before moving the family back to the Abruzzi region of Italy, where Giancarlo’s two brothers and sister now operate five Palazzone pasticerrias.

      Owner Giancarlo Palazzone in front of a photo of his parents in their Clifton bakery in the 1960s. Like there, everything at Palazzone in Wayne is made fresh daily on the premises, using flavorings and other ingredients imported from Italy. The accents are real too, so be patient as the friendly, welcoming staff explains what’s in each luscious piece."

      This all bodes rather well, imo. <grin>

      1. thank you! I'm going to head over there tomorrow - will let you know.

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          Just got home - O M G!!!!! i think i found heaven. Bright, light, sparkling clean. and they serve COFFEE., complete with some tables and some counter seating. they have a lunch menu - nothing fancy, but panini, salads, and pasta dishes should satisfy everyone's appetite, especially with DESSERT to look forward to.

          Based on zhelder's post and what I saw, they change the offerings regularly. The cakes were beautiful, but i didn't see a Sacher torte [although, to be honest, i was more interested in the cookies].

          I managed to escape with a few sfogliatelle and cookies [my life is simple], but they forced me to try one of their cannoli [it was hard to convince me - NOT!]. creamy filling [not grainy at all], nice crunchy pastry. wiht a tiny sprinkle of that orange peel. perfect! and a cookie - a coconut macaroon that was so crispy-creamy that it shattered at the first bite.

          WARNING: I'm going to tell ALL my friends that we've found our new coffee shop. So the rest of you had better get over there before the invasion.

          my one wish: that they sold some bread. deal killer? not at all - just a wish.

        2. Pictures...Italian Butter Cookies, Cakes, Regular Pastries and Mini Pastries.

          My sample of a six-pack of mini-pastries.....Eclair, Napoleon, Tiramisu. Cheesecake, Cannoli and Rum Baba...$1.25 each

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            Regular size pastries....

            Lobster Tail with Cream and Chocolate

            Custard Cream Puff Pastry

            ,,,And yes, the owner gave me a free Miniature Cream Puff.

          2. Palazzone 1960 Italian Pastry Shop in Wayne

            O.M.G. I finally took a trip to this place today. This place is a winner. A WINNER.....

            I concur.....

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              I'm happy that Palazzone 1960 is continuing to impress. We went back earlier this week to try the lobster claws...they are beyond awesome. The only place in NJ that can surpass Palazzone in any way is Sook Bakery in Ridgewood....and their baked goods are the very best on the planet.

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                So, maryanne - what do you think about the new branch of Carlo's in Ridgewood? A couple of friends are fans of the show and went the first week it was open, and had fun. Not sure if that translated to bakery excellence though.

                When some relatives visited over the summer, we HAD TO [yes, they really did have to force me] go to Hoboken. They had fun - i forced them to walk along the water to ooh and aah at the NYC skyline. I wasn't terribly impressed by Carlo's baked goods, but customers were happy.

                1. re: jiffypop

                  Hi there! Well, we were thinking about going to Carlo's. But a couple of people whose opinion I trust mentioned that his baked goods are very glossy, but they disappoint in taste, so it may be a while longer before we get there. If we're in Ridgewood these days, it's Sook Bakery or Raymonds . I saw pics of the crowd on opening day at Carlo's....it was a very BIG deal. I'm happy that your friends had fun. Sometimes it's not all about the food at all.

            2. We went today and loved it. It was quite busy at 2pm. The service was wonderful, the bakery is spotless, the assortment is wonderful/classic and everything was delicious. Just perfect...not too sweet, just right. Thanks for the tip...so much appreciated.

              1. it's being discovered! i dropped by at around 11:30 for some cafe au lait [I'd just done a home inspection for a dog rescue group and had to do a report], and the place was ROCKING. With very little English being heard - most of the customers were speaking Italian. People were buying boxes of pastries, along with cakes. Almost made me want to throw a dinner party, just to have an excuse to buy a cake!

                In any event, this place is getting traffic, despite its location. YUM!!

                1. I stopped tonight finally for mini cannolis and cookies. A winner indeed. The location is tough, especially for those who have never been to the area, or during rush hour. I would cross the highway nude for the cannolis, don't make me...........GO HERE!

                  1. Looking forward to stopping by this place. Thanks.

                    1. I have to agree that this is a nice addition to the NNJ bakery scene, BUT. The (lovely) young girls working there have little clue about what's what, and the woman they asked wasn't much help. I realize that they rotate their goods all day long, but how hard can it be to make a sign for each one? I ended up buying a few things that were basically variations on a theme; had they known that X has whipped cream in it, Y has custard, and Z has ricotta filling, I might have been happier. The girls also alternated between picking items up with the tongs and their fingers...and while that generally doesn't gross me out the way it does some people, the fact that they were eating pastries when we walked in and then went to grab stuff for us did.

                      Definitely can't beat the prices, and the space itself is lovely inside. When we first came in, there were two people at the tables, and by the time we left, the counter area was full. Hopefully they're staying open late so people can stop in after a movie (there's a theater right up the street)!

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                        they must have hired some help - the times I've been there, it's been the owner's daughter and a 30-ish young man who knew all the cookies and pastries. hope they get the 'kids' trained!

                      2. Did you happen to notice if they carried crumb cake? The B&W (Hackensack) gets ALOT of press in other threads for that particular item, but I find it dries out almost immediately. Just looking for comparisons.

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                          When I found out about this place (in Feb. -- see my post above), I was looking forward to stopping by. Since then, I have, twice -- and this is a top-notch pastry place. I've only gotten pastries there -- no cookies, cakes, etc. -- as their strength seems to be in pastries.

                          To answer your question -- I believe the first time I stopped in, I asked, as I wanted a crumb-cake, but I think the answer was no. To the best of my memory, I don't believe they carry them -- but you can call and ask.

                          Yes, B&W gets a great deal of accolades on their crumb-cake and they have a massive following. In my opinion, it's an excellent crumb-cake. I store them well so I don't have a problem with them drying out...but for the most part it's not a problem...it gets finished very quickly! LOL.

                          1. re: njmarshall55

                            njmarshall, I totally agree with you on B & W. I've been buying their cake for many year. Over the weekend I had a delicious crumb cake and it was from Brother's Allwood Bakery on Market St in Clifton. It's always been the Allwood Bakery, but, Brother's from Kearny brought them out and I have to say it was delicious and everyone loved it. It had a top layer of large heavy crumbs and it did not dry out by the end of the night. Just thought I would mention it as you asked about crumb cake.

                            1. re: njmarshall55

                              This is a straight-up ITALIAN pastry shop, definitely not a New Jersey bakery! Think ricotta-based fillings. :-)

                              1. re: Curlz

                                Excellent! Have one or two good ones here in the Hartford area, but the ricotta pie I got was WAY too sweet for my taste. I think they caramelized some sugar on top. Guess my taste for sugar is waning in my old-ish age.

                              2. re: njmarshall55

                                Laugh if you must, but I got an excellent crumb cake from Market Basket a few weeks ago. It's not as "crumby" as the ones from B&W or Allwood bakery, but it was moist, stayed fresh for several days, and, at $5.39, priced right. And although it's not technically a crumb cake, Costco sells an amazingly delicious beast of a coffee cake for $6.99.

                                1. re: zhelder

                                  Thanks for the heads up...Why is it technically not a crumb-cake? Thanks.

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                                    Is that the Market Basket in the Ramapo/Franklin Lakes area?

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                                    I had good crumb cake/crumb bun from Colandra's in Fairfield (they also have other locations, Caldwell and Newark) But the best I've had in a long time is Muellers in Bay Head. And yes, I have tried B&W's, and was not impressed. Perhaps I got it on a bad day, but it was very dry-perhaps it was over cooked.

                                  3. With regards to the B & W Crumb Cake debate....it's hard to argue that that the crumb topping is anything but good.....but the bottom *Cake* portion though is very debatable, because it's not everyone's notion of what cake is. Now I'm not a baker, but I've been in many commercial kitchens and bakeries to know how some things are made. The B & W cake is made from dough, not a batter.....it's closer to what you would find in a Danish or Cinnamon Bun, rather than a layer cake. That's the reason why it may seem dry to some and not hold up well to others. It's a style they use and that's why not everyone is a fan.

                                    As for Costco.....the Original Boston Coffee Cake is pretty, pretty good.


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                                      From what I understand, the OBCC is more like a sour cream coffee cake. My Mom used to make a great one. Dad's favorite. And very easy to make. Wish I could get the recipe.